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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Butterfly of Freedom

From: The Interesting Thoughts of Edward Monkton


  1. Went to his website. Gets right to the point doesn't he?? I like it. Thanks so much for the Sharing the Sunshine post. Absolute bliss:>)

  2. Thanks for your comment. Regarding sunshine (and many other things) I do truly appreciate how lucky I am. It is part of my way through my World to walk on the bright side.
    Edward Monkton is one of my heros. In addition he personally replied to an email I sent him.
    I think I will leave my blog quiet today. I am pleased to say that I became a citizen in time to vote in this election. I pulled out my U.S. passport and certificate of citizenship yesterday so that they would know I take them very seriously. Too seriously to put their photos on my blog. Today I will read and listen to what others are feeling. I expect I will not be alone in being moved to tears when The Star Spangled Banner is played.

  3. Hey!

    High five on the vote of confidence for Obama with your bright and shiny key to the kingdom. I knew those two docs would come in handy when I was badgering you no end to get them!

    Come to think of it, if I were an animal, I would be a badger or a nag.

    Come to think of that, I am a badger and a nag!!!