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Monday, January 5, 2009

Diva: doggie embassador for friendship

There is a page in my address book under "D" for dog-owners, as well as "N" for neighbors, "F" for family and "J" for my daughter's friends. This helps me find the person I want to contact without remembering everyone's last name.
The "D" for dog page is arranged with dog-names first (somewhat alphabetically) and then their people. This has turned into multiple pages glued in as I ran out of room.
Somehow, over the years, as Diva has gone from bouncy pup to overtaking my husband in age (counting in dog years), we have accumulated a lot of friends. Not unlike the connections made when dropping kids at school etc. we have developed relationships based on daily proximity.
What I have truly valued about the dog-crowd has been the diversity of age, nationality, socio-ecconomic whateverism. Anyone can join in, they don't even need a dog. The secret password is "Hi, can I pet your dog? What's his name?"
The conversations come from so many points of view. No-one has to impress or falsely agree. If you don't like the way the conversation is going you can always stroll off to see what your dog is up to. You are also free to disagree. If you stick around long enough you will laugh, cry and be made to think. Movie and book reviews, kid and spouse reviews, political opinions, moral questions, dog-training tips and myths, medical advice, annecdotes from yesterday or yesteryear.
Unfortunately our furry family members don't live as long as we would wish. There are a few names in my book that I cannot bring myself to erase; mostly canines but some humans.
There is a continuous "Changing of the Guard"; a renewal of puppies and adoptees refreshing the mix of personalities; stealing toys; running into knees; working themselves into the pack. There are also longstanding friendships that continue even without Max & Buddy & Wookie & Crosby & Syntah.......


  1. I can't even tell you the last time I saw a collie, but I seem to remember almost every family having one when I was a kid. Diva's beautiful.
    Laughing at your address book system--didn't think there could be two of us...makes the hubby crazy when I try to explain where a phone number might be:>)Thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome. Love what you've done with the place.

  2. Dear Magpie,
    Sorry I didn't see your comment until now. I am still new at this. Your site is an ongoing pleasure.