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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sharing My Sunshine

I live in California for a reason; I have paid my dues in colder climes and choose now to live in a place where it doesn't hurt to breathe outdoors in Winter. For those of you who are somewhere chilly, let me share a little of my sunshine with you today.
My morning started with a slow stroll around the block with my trusty canine. Diva has reached a mature age where slow and stop are her two speeds. She was never an athlete; although, in the past, a skate-board or UPS truck could provoke a moment or two when she more resembled a guided missile than a dog.

Where yesterday I noticed one small dark-pink blossom on a young tree there are now a flurry of them. White almond-blossoms and the fat, waxy buds of tulip trees are shouting "Look at me, I was first!" I have a couple of yellow crocus in the pots around my patio and the stiffly erect promise of daffodils protruding the soil.

I spent a hour with my book out on our deck; exposing pale, hairy legs, which luckily no one can see as our garden is not overlooked.

My French Artist and I decided that it would be a good day to eat lunch outside in the sun. I cooked artichokes that we ate with a home-made mayonnaise; the yellow color like sunshine in a bowl. The ingredients include lemon-juice from lemons I picked this morning in my garden and olive-oil which we import for ourselves from a family-member's olive orchard in the South of France. Egg-yolk, mustard, salt and pepper and voila!

We had fresh bread and cold roast lamb with some Provençale rosé wine, in moderation. The shiny fat blue of blueberries kept us smiling all the way to the end.

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