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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coyotes are Party Animals

It seems appropriate to discuss evolution as we celebrate Darwin's birthday. Although far from The Islands of the Galapagos, Silicon Valley may have animals that are at the forefront of their species.
Coyotes are depicted as reticent, shadowy creatures we usually see briefly in failing light. Cartoon animals, unattractive and sneaky.
Our local Coyotes have transformed this image. They throw parties and play games at night on the golf course below our bedroom window. I can't see them but the yipping and chattering and ebullient school-yard noise transmits such naughty humor that I wake up smiling.
Their voices are neither wolf nor dog; tipsy transvestites jostling and laughing is the best description I can come up with.
I am seriously considering some kind of night-vision camera so that I can see as well as hear the fun.


  1. Love the descriptions:>) As I write this the new SPCA dog next door is howling in harmony with the sirens coming up Ludlow Avenue. We are discovering coyotes here in the confines of the city. I say the more the merrier.
    Silicone Valley...we were in Mountain View last year when my brother died. It was gorgeous there. Is that close to you at all??

  2. Hi Magpie,
    Yes Mountain View is only a few miles away. We are a little south and west in the beginning of the hills that rise before the ocean.
    I am sorry to hear you lost a sibling. Life is tough to swallow sometimes.
    p.s. I believe silicone is for breast implants and silicon is the computer stuff. People kept correcting me in my early days here. Although there is a plenty of both in the area.