Along for the ride:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time is A-Ticking

art by Salvador Dali
The count-down has commenced. As my final day of being 49 begins to wane I look straight ahead into my 50's.
Some good friends and family members are getting together with me for a barbeque luncheon tomorrow, by the stream, under the new-green Chestnut trees, in our nearby State Park.
Park Rangers, Poison Oak and Allergies notwithstanding, I plan to have a wonderful time.


  1. Many Happy Returns!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day x

  2. Like the art, Ms. Pony Grrrl.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday. I was worried about turning 50, but when it came and went it felt more invigorating than depressing. I have totally enjoyed this decade. I just feel the aches a little more in the mornings now.
    Enjoy your Big Day:>)

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Honest, It's not so bad. Been there already.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the time with your friends.