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Monday, May 4, 2009

Did they or Didn't they?- A dog by any other name.

The recent addition of Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog to the Obama family continues a long-standing  canine tradition at the White House.
A Portuguese is a great breed; a high energy, friendly working dog that loves to romp and play with children. I think they were very smart to take a dog who is not a tiny puppy; ready to roll, so to speak.  
A question and a comment have come to mind since I saw photos of the Obamadog.
Question: Did someone specifically choose a black and white dog? 
I want to say "Yes! That is how smart and thoughtful they are." I also want to say "No! They wouldn't be that Machiavellian." 
Comment: Those Kennedys will do anything to have a member of "The Clan" (Kennedy Clan, that is) on Pennsylvania Avenue.


  1. I don't know if the black and white was a clever political statement or not, but it surely is cute!! Kind of fun watching the President play with the pup, considering, if I understand it, that he hasn't had a dog before. There was one really neat photo of the President running down a corridor with Bo at his heels.

  2. Jean, I agree. Great dog, Great guy. If I ask you which answer you prefer, can you answer? I can't.

  3. Your comment on the Kennedys really tickled my giggle muscles.

  4. I thought they were going to buy a baldie one because of Barak's allergies - did they work out that it makes little difference?

    Might be a cultural thing but the Kennedy reference was over my head!

    On the subject of Presidential pets did you know that when Tony and Cherie Blair moved into 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's official residence) they quietly "retired" the cat that had lived there for nearly 20 years?

    I guess we should have known there and then that we'd made the wrong choice!

  5. Sorry Pixie, I wasn't clear. The dog was a gift from the Kennedys, who are well known for their political dynasty building, as well as covering up a variety of family crimes and misdemeanors.