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Monday, May 25, 2009

Iris-Hint to Grand Couturiers

Dear Grand Couturiers, 
I have yet to see a red-carpet ensemble as beautiful as this.


  1. Beautiful and an unusual color combination.

    The couturiers could use a few lessons in design from nature. Some of those runway fashions.....well, I surely wouldn't wear them, even on a bad day.

  2. Oh those are so pretty. There are some in a flower bed that belongs to one of our new banks. It is the most unusual violet, it looks like velvet.

    I love the two tone ones best, though. Mine are all either yellow or the common violet.

  3. Beautiful, a stunning spectacle in the garden. But, would your really want to wear them? On your head, maybe?
    ER, thank you so much for my award, I am honoured indeed. Is this one where I have to reply to a number of questions before I pass it on?
    Sorry, to be thick, no doubt it's senior moment time.

  4. Hi ER, just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten your wonderful award, was planning on responding properly this weekend but got bushwhacked by... life ! Sometimes life must be lived before blogging, but gosh-blog-it, I'm not going to neglect those zombie chickens... I wouldn't dare to, as I'm sure the revenge of the ignored zombie chicken is fearful.

    Your riding time sounds wonderful... don't know if I mentioned I have a 15 year old daughter who rides alot here, oh yes, I did when discussing the Camargue ride there not far back, anyway, she loves it, and I have the impression her lessons are fairly intense.

    Love your iris piece here... is man capable of creating anything that can surpass the beauty already rampant in nature? When I notice the difference between what the human eye can see and remember, versus what even the most advanced camera can catch... there is still a world of difference.
    Cheers !

  5. In reverse order:
    Owen, I recognize that everyone has lives to attend to. It took me a month to post the award you gave me. Take your time. You are a photographer. I was thinking that if you had photographed the iris it would have been even more beautiful. I am just point and click to capture the moment. No skills beyond paying attention to deserving subjects.
    Friko: The instructions for your award are in a post entitled "Who Me?" which is just down the page. I was imagining Nicole Kidman in a slender and ravishing Channel Creation. Not me!
    Jean and @eloh, Velvet is the best description. I had this iris at my last home and dug it up to move with me last year. I am happy it bounced back.