Along for the ride:

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can hear prosperity raining down from the clouds
but, for now, it is a faraway sound:
the patter of raindrops on the rain forest canopy.
It is beginning to accumulate, to drip and slide from the tips of the
leaves of the tallest trees.
It falls and bounces and falls again; gaining momentum, as we wait below,
faces raised, thirsty, parched, optimistic creatures of the forest floor.


  1. Beautiful poem. I was left wondering how to step out from under my umbrella and who stuck me holding the thing to begin with.

  2. I never thought of rain could be so beautiful.. I have a new word for rain type.. beautiful hopeful rain.. We're all a bit like the Inuit people over here, but with the eighty words for rain.
    Love the imagery in this little poem :-)

  3. Does all the rain we're having mean I am going to be rich?

  4. Nice! Your posts are always worth reading.

  5. Watercats and Argent thanks for the kind comments.
    Jean, yes, of course the analogy is to our every day economic needs, which are greatly reliant on the "tall tree people" starting to release the rain drops. This poem was born to lift morale for myself and amongst my friends, "the creatures of the forest floor". I do believe the future is positive. If we keep saying it out loud it will be true.

  6. Wonderful poem, gorgeous picture.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Were only prosperity something that fell from the sky... to us half starved creatures of the jungle floor, where dogs eat dogs and small mammals shiver in terror when the thunder comes...

  8. You did a good job with this. There are many thoughts regarding "prosperity". Could simply be rain which is scarce in many parts of the globe. Could be money. Could be happiness.

  9. Owen, It doesn't fall from the sky but it is surely affected by what is going on higher up. The tree top people must release it so that later we will get what trickles down. The tree top people have been hiding out for the last year, afraid to risk falling. One by one I see them setting things in motion, getting their confidence back in the future. All we have to do is huddle together and help each other for a little while longer. Good things are coming.