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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Hundred Miles

How long did you have your Foster Dogs? Well over Five Hundred Miles.
Miles that started out a little frantic with dogs who had no clue what had happened to them; neighbors had found them by their deceased owner's side and they had been collected by Animal Services and taken to the Pound. Collie Rescue was alerted by someone and, with the help of several intermediaries, they came to me.
I've already written about them a few times. They've done well; calmed down, confident, well mannered and adoptable; most of which I credit to the miles we've walked together every day.
This post was originally destined to be a little sad, as I launch these temporary (almost 5 months) family members off to their new lives.
Boomer was picked up on Sunday-last to go to a home by the beach in Santa Cruz and Darcy has her new person collecting her on Saturday. She will be overlooking the golf links at Pebble Beach with a retired gentleman who is already planning to have play dates so that she and her brother can reunite.
As I walked the two dogs together for the last time on Sunday, I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. On Monday morning, when I received a call from Boomer's new Mom, regarding the fact that he is totally obsessed by her cat, I thought: "Oh Shit! Bounceback-Dog"
We had previously discussed Boomer's focus on all things small and furry. New Mom said her cat was outdoors a lot, mature, used to dogs and she wanted to make it work. Apparently, Boomer has seen the cat through the window and is mountain-climbing over all kinds of furniture to get to the window for a closer look.
I'm a bad person. Even though I want this to work out, I can't help but visualize the Chaos Gymkhana that is going on right now. I also loved the look on my husbands face when I recounted the story to him. His suspicious question, "What are you going to say if they want to bring him back?" Is a stupid question that he didn't really need to ask. Of course, I already said I'd take him back if needs be.
I have recommended some training with treats and, above all, that they start walking. A tired dog is a good dog.


  1. great news!.. I'm so chuffed all your hard work has paid off.. almost!.. lol.. agreed about the excersize, goes for almost any animal, children included! I'm sure a constant reminding for a while will work.. also, a small tip that they use for re-training greyhounds into homes is the use of an odour training collar. It squirts an unpleasant mist under the dog's nose when you press a remote, good timing is needed to ensure it's only done after you've made the required command (and it's ignored). I believe it has been quite sucessful in stopping hounds from tanking off after every furry object smaller than a horse :-).
    Hope it all works out for the lads, they really are beautiful dogs!

  2. This is exciting news. I certainly hope both homes work out. No advice on the cat obsession, but lots of exercise is always a good idea as far as I know.

  3. Watercats, yes, I had taken your previous comment to heart. You were right, they are fine apart. I agree on tiring out every troublesome creature to get best behaviour, husbands included. I may suggest the citronella collar. The rescue groups are very anti any negative training, but knowing Boomer, it could work and it would mean the difference of a home I think.

  4. Good outcome. Hope it all sticks. I love the "passing hoofbeats" addition. It is great.

  5. So glad they have found homes and yours can get some one on one before the next babes in distress arrive.

  6. I'm glad they both found homes, I hope it works out for them. It's going to take some work to cure his cat obsession though.

  7. Fr'Amie, glad you are back up for a comment or two.
    @eloh, Diva is a bit like me she enjoys friends and solitude.
    Di, I am hearing horrible tales from Santa Cruz. Boomer is being as bad as can be. I may go visit this weekend. He has reverted to chasing everything that moves, so they have him on a short leash hold which just inflames an already tense situation. He may be more dog than they can handle. I've asked them to give him two weeks settling in period, but I have half an eye out for another option for him, without cats.

  8. "A tired dog is a good dog". How could someone not like a Collie? It is nice that the new owners have agreed to arrange play dates for the brother and sister. If Boomer does have to be transferred to a different home, I hope he adjusts and fits in well.

  9. Great workthere , well done.We have adopted a rescued Border Collie , called Molly, and she's the best dog in the world!

  10. You see, this is why I could never foster. I could never let them go and would end up with a housefull. Those are lucky dogs and people to have such a caring and knowledgeable fosterer.

  11. TechnoBabe, Fingers crossed for Boomer. One way or another we'll see him settled.
    TFE, Hi to Molly. Border Collies are usually smarter than we are.
    Argent, think Mentor not Mother. It's my job to best equip them for their future. It's all about their needs. I felt sad for them in the beginning because their lives had been disrupted. I stabilized them. I know they will do well.

  12. What a good story - a happy outcome and not an ending, but your chagrin is entirely understandable. Such a good-hearted thing to have done and my admiration to you for being that, and pragmatic too.