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Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Sub-Titles Required!

Re: Synopsis of New Reality Show Idea.

Follow two feisty, mixed nationality, couples as they pursue their dreams in America and Europe.
Somehow two French stone-carving professionals and their American and British wives have been friends in California for twenty years.
Cultural, geographical, culinary, and political, language, age and sexual differences should have torn them all to pieces long ago. The couples battle, within and without, and converge with much dark humour and compassion.
We join their semi-parallel lives as they move towards a divergent future on different Continents; one couple plans to take up a life in France and the other tries to stay afloat in the U.S.

When all was doom and gloom earlier this year; business, health and morale-wise; I was searching for any idea to keep us going. La Framericaine and her side-kick ( of Halfwaytofrance fame)came to visit for my birthday and from that an idea was born.
I didn't do anything more than put together this synopsis and think of a title. The idea kept me hopeful through some dark times. I'm in a much better place now but still would not be averse to being "discovered". Any takers?


  1. sous titres aside after twenty years such friendships are indeed hope's to the 'takers'

    oh and now I have to check out halfwaytofrance having become fullyinfrance ourselves, here's to life and friendships.

  2. Now how do we promote this idea? Better, I think that watching families full of children as if adding to the overpopulation of the earth is actually a heroic thing to do....'nough said on that one.

    Lifelong friendships are a rare treasure in this world where people seem to be moving away...physically and mentally...all the time. How lucky for all of you.

  3. Thanks Trudi, and you will enjoy HWtFrance. I'm sure. La Fr'Amie was the instigator behind my blog-start.
    Jean, I must say the thought: "It can't be worse than The Gosselins" did cross my mind.

  4. It has to be better than some of dross we have inflicted upon us every days of the week! Bring it on! You'll need to do a sample episode.

  5. I really think that Wahhol underestimated human potential in '68 when he predicted that: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

    I suspect that it's more like people's "15 minutes of fame" will be recycled and re-present for your reading pleasure several times over--likely the lowly bobber of fishing reknown!


    Please let me know when the royalites start coming in. I am exceedingly short on funds. In fact, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

  6. ...LIKE the lowly bobber...

    By the way, love the photo!

  7. What are you saying ER? Are you moving to France?

  8. Argent, where to start?
    Fr'Amie, of course we will share the royalties, and start thinking about merchandising:)
    Dave, Been there, Done that, No, it's our friends who are leaving. By the by, see latest post. I think I discovered Jimmy Bastard through a comment on your blog.