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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pontiac Ice Capsule

Leaving my house this morning, under blue skies, with bright horizontal sunbeams doing little to raise the temperatures, I slid into my frost encrusted car and cocooned myself from the world around me. I have an ice scraper but today I chose a pacifistic approach; preferring to experience a moment of beauty and reflection; respite from the daily grind. I started the motor, turned off the radio and listened to my own thoughts, inside a magical, diamond encrusted palace. The windshield was a landscape of luminous white feathers, slowly growing translucent and sliding away into clear chill liquid as the heater gently returned me to the reality of life. Off to work. Sigh!


  1. There are not many people who can turn a Pontiac into an ice palace even for a paragraph.

    Congratulations and nice work, ma chère English Rider.


  2. It would appear that great swaths of America are experiencing frosty moments this week... it is good when some of nature's surprises give us a moment to just shut down and look at what's going on for a minute...

  3. I'm glad you made time for the reality of nature, before confronting the unreal world of the workplace.

  4. Taking time like that is very precious!

  5. ER,
    Poetry in a Pontiac isn't everyone's knack, but you definitely have it. I enjoyed the imagery and envied the rapidity with which your windshield cleared.

    From the Great Frozen North

  6. Seriously hen... you need to stop smoking those funny smelling hand made cigarettes.

  7. You got that much ice in California? It must have been bad.... The storm blew across to me in Minnesota and has now passed, heading east. We got two days of snow and a freezing cold, strong north wind that caused the snow to drift so much that I had to dig my way to the back of my house to get to my car. Now, it's just freezing cold. There isnt a day goes by every winter when I do not regret the opportunity to move to Florida.

    Im glad you had time to reflect.

  8. Dave, A heavier than usual frosting.Snow flakes down to 500 ft overnight. Gone by mid morning, except on higher hills. Nothing that would be significant anywhere else but California. You sure as heck won't find me in Minnesota in the winter.

    Shattered, I am trying to keep looking on the bright side of some rather stressfull times.I might bite somebody yet!

    Jimmy, no, not a smoker of any kind. My mind wanders off enough without that.

  9. Deborah, I quite like the "condensed version" of winter.

    Kate, it is supposed to help my sanity. We'll see.

  10. Martin, As long as my eyes can see, I will always notice my surroundings.

    Owen, it was a coming of the ice age, if you pay attention to the news. They did have to de-ice planes by pulling them out into the sunshine :) Low tech solution.

    Ms. Pliers, amities right back at you!

  11. What a magical picture you patined there. No snow here only rain and rain and rain....