Along for the ride:

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lake San Antonio, California, Saturday Evening, January 16th, 2010:
At the very instant that the wind cries "Uncle" and lays spent, surrendering its feeble efforts to keep sky and earth apart, an owl takes up the song of night, punctuated by the discordant cry of a woodpecker winging home moments before curfew. The hollow echo of a fish splashing one last time from the lake water below our cabin is a reminder to believe in things we cannot always perceive.
Deer graze on the fresh waterside shoots of grass, their graceful movements robbed of fine detail and reincarnated as living silhouettes.
Tonight we will sleep beneath the realm of eagles and dream of knowing golden eyes and the marvel of flight.


  1. Beautiful. You have a true sense of poetry and a feel for the language's rhythm, as well as a compelling sense of imagery.

    But then again, the setting provides some amazing inspiration. What a beautiful place.

    Hope Hubby finally found it in his heart to enjoy himself. *S*

  2. Jean, once we finally got there (not until Saturday morning) and Hubby was reassured about heat and comfort, he was fine. He wants to go again. It was good for us as a couple to be just us.

  3. Great vibes in this post, wonderful photo and happiness describing your weekend. Glad you and your husband were in such a beautiful place.

  4. Proof positive that it doesn't have to rhyme to be poetry. Lovely images here (words and pic). Glad hubbs came round in the end.

  5. TechnoBabe, Yes, I too was feeling good vibes. The number of colors in the absence of colors?

    Argent, I love the quiet rustle in tree or bush at sunrise or sunset. Things that we see only in our mind's eye but are there nonetheless. Hubby is just another undomesticated creature who has his brief moments of glory.

  6. A beautiful piece of writing, Englih Rider. Glad that you found such pleaure despite the clouds that seemed to be on the horizon.

  7. Deborah, Thanks for the encouragement. On the whole, I know my life is rewarding and I can make it even better by just appreciating what is around me. Clouds often herald rainbows, we just have to look up sometimes.