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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bon Voyage to a Friend

Dear Friend,
I have been thinking about your pending departure for foreign shores all week. I am sorry that this Global World in which we live has diminished this momentous occasion. In another time there would have been steamer trunks and a last glass of champagne together on board a great liner before the stewards escorted the non-travelers ashore.
In our way, maybe we have had that, after all. We have certainly journeyed together through these years since we first met. We have never been deprived of champagne, nor lacked reasons or excuses to share a glass or two. You are the only person, other than The French Artist who was at both our wedding and that of our daughter, more than two decades later.
You were the chronicler of images before they went digital; so annoying with the camera, but so appreciated in hindsight. What's even more valued is having someone who can picture our common past experiences in her head, no photos or explanations required.
I am confident we will see more images as you join your new "life in progress". We'll be visiting soon enough to see for ourselves your impact on the local culture.
No Regrets!
Bon Voyage


  1. I think a party on the steamer prior to departure sounds like a grand idea ! Well, guess we'll just have to do it virtually...

    I propose a toast to the two of you, and your friendship, and to future "retrouvailles"...

    All best wishes to both of you, and BON VOYAGE to the travelling one...

  2. Owen, Thank you. I couldn't let a friend slip away without a little fanfare. Of course we will have no problem staying in touch. She is teetering, almost on her way! France is getting one of the good ones.

  3. Bon Voyage, indeed. What a lovely tribute to an obviously very special person.

    I hope France appreciates her presence.

  4. Bob voyage to what is obviously a special friend. Here's hoping it's bonjour again pretty soon.

  5. Gosh darn it, ER. You always seem to know how to say something in such a kind, thoughtful and heartfelt way about another human being or situation that I can do nothing but well up with sympathetic tears, and here it is, not yet 8am on the yardarm. That's just lovely. And you are both so blessed to share a common heritage.

    I'll add, if I may, to your au revoir, bonne route and bon voyage and join a hearty bienvenue to your friend arriving on these shores so soon. May the arrival be all that is hoped, and more, and heh! Save for a bit of rain Saturday morning, the weather is supposed to be fine and bright over Bretagne, Paris and Centre until next Thursday! (Then it goes damp again, but, well, 'tis to be expected...)

    True friendship seems so rare and precious. I'm so happy for you both that yours is sure to endure. I wish you both a great 'aloha'.

  6. That's a lovely send-off, ER. I've got a lump in my throat.
    California's loss is Le Blanc's gain, and I am, for one, glad for the closer geographical proximity and the chance to meet your good friend in person.

  7. To steal a line from Jeff Bridges' acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Drama award for "Crazy Heart" at the Golden Globe Awards recently:

    "You're really screwing up my 'under-appreciated' status here."

    I am utterly gobsmacked to find such a heartfelt open letter directed by you toward your soon-to-be-voyaging friend here in "Where's My Effing Pony."

    And this may actually be the very first time that the words of the quintessential Edith Piaf chanson, "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" have held profound personal meaning for me and cut me right to the quick. Your friend is exceedingly moved to have been spoken to in such a song. I saw her. She had her own fist pumping action going on. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had started a one-woman "sea wave" thing right there in front of her computer! I hate that "sea wave" thing...

    She is also extremely touched to have been remembered as having the distinction of being the only one, besides the principals, in attendance at both of those blissful weddings–annoying-with-camera and all.

    Your friend's departure for foreign shores, I must concur, is worthy of a champagne toast, or 5, on the deck of a classic ocean liner. However, knowing how separation-averse she is, I'm certain that the taxi ride alone– with her not inconsiderable luggage, of course–from Long Beach to LAX and the solitude spent changing gears in the airport between check-in and boarding will do her a world of good.

    I have it on good authority that the guestroom is all made up; the toilets, shower, and heat are all functional; the markets are still on Wednesdays and Saturdays; and your friend will hold you to the assertion that you "will be visiting soon enough to see for (y)ourselves (her) impact on the local culture."

    Merci, ma chère ER. Merci infiniement,

  8. Nice farewell post. It sounds like you will be in close contact though. Best wishes to your friend and all the adventures ahead!

  9. Steve, Bob Voyage? Is he related to Bob's your Uncle? Thanks for wishing us future Bobjours.

    Kitty, thanks for the good wishes.

    Deborah, from one country-hopper to another....

  10. Ms. Pliers, Just so ya know...I had a million more things to say of places seen and discoveries we've made together. (Still love your introducing us to Vegas and that adorable Motel 6, on Sunset, or was it Hollywood Blvd?). It would have ended up sounding more like an eulogy, so I quit whilst I was ahead.

  11. Kahlil Gebran had the right idea - he said "every end is a new beginning"...wise words...

  12. Hi ER, there is a little "News Flash" over at my place documenting a certain arrival in Paris this morning, if you have a minute, please do drop by to see some smiles...

  13. Jinksy, wise indeed

    Owen, Bloggerazzi?

  14. Funny you should be in a eulogy frame of mind because I was thinking, as I read your original post, that I should be sure to ask you to write mine. I have no family to speak of, other than my Frencher Half, and even if I do die before him he won't be able to write it so...

    Bises and the eagle has landed.