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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Overlapping Art Forms

One of my favorite exhibits for many years has been "Bouquets to Art". Floral Designers take inspiration from paintings and sculptures to produce their interpretations. The show lasts only a few days as living flowers have limits. The displays can be literal, whimsical, metaphorical, or judgmental. There was an Epiphany, Mother and Child rendered with rose thorns in which I found symbolic commentary. Some flowers follow form and others represent texture or color.
The lilacs, lillies, roses and other flowers in the arrangements perfumed the whole museum.
The exhibition has moved to The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. I am delighted to have discovered how much I like the (relatively) new space.
Well done florists, artists, sculptors and architects.
Today was well worth the trip.

Abstract painting, leaves in glass cube vases with orchids and bird of paradise flowers.

Prism of light

Inuit sculpture

Portrait of a Lady with red hair

Bronze Statue

Picking cotton in a blue dress

Portrait with decolletage


  1. How clever and lovely! The "decolletage" has a definite whimsical twist. *L* I don't know which one is my favorite.

    It always fascinates me to see one artist's vision of another artist's creation. These really seem to relate while still keeping a fresh and original perspective.

    Wish I could be that talented with "visual" arts. I'm not bad with words, but this kind of stuff eludes me.

  2. I'm really rather impressed with these. Very clever interpretations and yet not so elitist that the ordinary man can't take pleasure from them.

  3. Some people are so imaginative. I always go for the far too obvious and literal rendering. Thank goodness I don't enter things like this.

  4. I always imagine womens institute ladies and village greens when I think of flower arranging, these are just amazingly odd though! and how lucky are you to find a horse to ride... I was almost physically sick the other saturday watching my kid go out with the riding school on a glorious sunny hack.. my pathetic asking for a spare pony fell flat.. they were all taken :-( I sat in the yard for over an hour like a kicked dog!

  5. My fav is "Picking Cotton in a Blue Dress" because that's what I would wear to pick cotton.

    Glad you got out to see these beautiful, ephemeral works of art.

  6. They are all so nice. I like the Picking Cotton in a Blue Dress.

  7. What fun they are. I've not really seen 'flowers as art' before.

  8. I agree with you, these exhibits are quite beautiful and very imaginative. I wish I could have seen them.

  9. Friko and Fran, both flowers and paintings get a fresh perspective.

    TechnoBabe,The arrangement is remarkably static and the painting has movement.

    Di, glad you liked it.

    Ms. Pliers, Your kind of dress would be most becoming.

    Watercats, "Odd" has always appealed to me.

    Argent, there were many "obvious and literal" interpretations. Many very good ones. They didn't leave me thinking about them afterwards but were valid in their own beauty.

    Steve, does elitism still exist? I think it's all in the head of the D-elitee.

  10. Jimmy, it is hard to go wrong when starting out with such beautiful materials.

    Jean, I liked that also. The roses were the perfect skin color and the drape and shape were influenced by, rather than copied from the painting.