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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Choir

I have become hooked on a documentary (almost reality TV) about a young Choir Master who is bringing a joy for music and a sense of confidence and self-worth to the young people of Northolt High School in England.
If you get the chance to watch this series from the BBC you can see a natural born teacher in action and the results he has achieved just by believing such a thing was possible when no one else did.


  1. I've seen this and two subsequent series two all involving the same guy. He's brilliant and gets his approach to the kids just right. I hope you get to see the later series - you're in for a treat.

  2. Sounds like something I'd enjoy - I'll have to have a look online and see if it's available.

  3. I love anything about singing so I'm sure I would love it.

    Did you see the documentary on the Estonia's liberation movement, "The Singing Revolution?"––

    Gives me the chills and the weepies just thinking about it, as good as walking to the sea for salt...

  4. This is wonderful. Truly inspiring. I do not watch TV but I will be looking for more of this online. Thanks for sharing this. Of course I love music and singing so this moves me immediately, my heart is bursting just watching this one video. Wow.

  5. Can't get it. The BBC has asserted their copyright. But should it come on TV here or in Canada, I will be sure to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation - it is the sort of thing I love.

  6. Oh, I love these scrappy, underdog shows--starting with To Sir, With Love :>)

  7. Looks like I can catch up if I watch at 1 AM and 3AM today (tomorrow morning, that is.) Apparently it's just started on BBC America.

    I hope to look into it as it sound quite inspirational.

    Obligatory Sparkles update????????????

  8. Jean, I was thinking especially of you when I posted this. Your combined interests of music and teaching should make this an enjoyable watch for you.

    Pay attention everyone, this young man enunciates, such an under appreciated art.

    Steve, Gareth is so genuine. (His mission reminds me of Jamie Oliver).

    Argent and Ms. Pliers, you both have musical perspectives. I enjoyed this with no such underlying qualifications.

    TechnoBabe, He really reaches these kids. He respects them and they respond in kind.

    Deborah, There must be a way? I hope you get to see this.

    Magpie, I agree.

  9. And even better, he loves opera! There are so few of us, any new recruit counts.

  10. Friko, I adore opera!
    Distracted is right about To Sir With Love being a beginning for the great teacher movies. My favorite is Dead Poet's Society and my husband could watch his favorite, Stand and Deliver, over and over. I think he will love watching this video with me over the weekend. Thanks.