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Friday, July 2, 2010

Courthouse Anecdote

Rounding the corner to the elevator, in the spacious clean and modern lobby of Napa's Superior Court building, a half a dozen people are waiting, where there were none a few minutes previously. The Courthouse is not fully awake; the doors are open but court is not yet in session. Hands freshly washed, I'm ready to find my destination on the Third floor and see what will happen next.
The other would-be elevator travelers are clean, white, healthy-looking 20-45 year olds. Dress is smart-casual and I deduct that they are neither lawyer nor defendant and that they probably speak English. Standing face to reflective face with the stainless steel doors they are arranged politely, no less than two and a half feet from personal space to personal space.
After a few moments I switch to Mom-Mode and ask:"Did anyone press the button to call the elevator?" Questioning looks followed by a young lady in the forefront who steps forward and does the honors. The doors open immediately as our car was only waiting for our sign.
One man looks at me and says:"Someone's got to run the World"


  1. It is a good thing you are here to run this place... I can't begin to imagine the mess otherwise...

  2. Owen, Seriously! How can you just stand there and assume everything has been taken care of?

  3. I'm glad it's you.

    P.S. Do you have a complaints department?

  4. That's me, in a nutshell.
    Like you said, how can you just stand there and assume somebody else has as much sense as you have.

    But I do object to the 'Mom-mode' bit; 'intelligent woman' would be my first choice.

  5. Steve, I am very honored (and bossy). Complaints Dept, Ha Ha!

    Friko, That works too. Thanks.

  6. That probably happens so often in elevators all over the world. People walk around in a fog and in their own little place, used to someone else doing all the honors for them.

  7. TechnoBabe, I will admit to being so used to automatic doors everywhere that I do a double take if I have to open one myself.