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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Friendship that Might Have Been.

Synopsis of a good dog's life:
-First night of puppy ownership
-Happiness is...
-Needle sharp puppy teeth
-Profile of a Movie Star
-Starting some training: "Diva, Sit"
-"Diva, Come"
-Helping to clean the dishes
-A day at the beach. Growing up together
-Who tired who out?
-Hanging out with Java, her best friend
-Diva hosts my surprise birthday party and remembers to order Frosty Paws ice cream for her pack.
-Portrait of a dog who will be missed


  1. I am sorry, sweetie.

    Diva was a class act.

    The Frencher half has asked me to extend his most sincere condolences in the loss of your best companion along with my own. And please extend them to Lovely Daughter and the French Artist, too.


  2. Portrait of a dog who was loved and appreciated.
    I'm glad she had such a good life with you.

  3. I am so sorry, dear ER.
    Diva had a long and happy life with you. You wouldn't have wanted her to go on suffering.

    Dogs just bloody don't live forever, blast them.

    And playing Bright Eyes doesn't help either.

  4. That dog just has love oozing out of her. That and pure joy. It looks to me like you gave her a wonderful life. And that, despite your loss, is something to smile about.

  5. What a beauty she was. You all are so lucky to have shared a long and wonderful life together.

    However will you get the dishes clean now? *sad...but smiling*

    Love to you all.

  6. Oh dear, I was just passing through and stopped and read this. It's the thing we all dread, isn't it? She certainly was a beatuful girl.

  7. I'm so sorry. Sending a hug! x

  8. Really sorry to hear about Diva. She was obviously a brilliant dog.

  9. There are really no words, that's why I let the photos speak for themselves. Her life lacked nothing and we gave her the kindness of a peaceful and pain free exit. The Artistic One has been horrible to me all week. I know it is his reaction to sorrow but it really didn't help a bad situation to more or less accuse me of murdering our dog.
    I walked in the door just now and realized I was looking to see if Diva's water bowl needed filling, something TAO would never even have noticed.
    Sometimes it amazes me that the sun has the strength to rise up again tomorrow.

  10. ER, Dogs, like humans, are celestial beings in search of an earthly existence. She had the best possible one with you and is now back where she came from. Lucky Diva, lucky you to have had each other for so long. xoxo

  11. I'm so sorry. When we said goodbye to our 'Sal', eleven years ago, I didn't need any help to make me feel guilty. I knew we were close, but I didn't realise losing her would break my heart.

    You've already summed it up. Diva's life lacked nothing, because of you.

  12. I can't add anything except I feel your pain and the artistic one needs a well aimed one in his derrière region!!

  13. Sending a hug as someone who feels the same pain all too well. My condolences.

  14. I am sorry.
    Knowing that we've been loving owners, good caretakers, that we've given them the best lives they could have had... None of it makes it easier to let them go. There's that void where a loving fur-covered heart used to be.
    Despite the sadness and despite TAO's misplaced anger, I'm sure you know in your heart that you have done well to let Diva go over the bridge.

  15. Sympathy to you and the family. Some of your mourning time was so beautifully spent in creating this online photo tribute to Diva. The shot titled, "Diva, Come" shows one of the most adorable and exquisite puppies I've ever seen. Kisses to her over the rainbow bridge.

  16. Times like this make me understand how much blogging helps. I am sending you warm hugs.

  17. Looks like she was a delight in your lives. Sorry for your loss.

  18. Ditto to all the other comments. Such a sad time. So sorry you have to hurt. Roll on the time when the pain subsides, and the hole is filled with wonderful memories instead.
    It WILL come. Best wishes from here.

  19. Thank you for all your kind comments. Blogging does help.

  20. Owen, somewhere...but not a solitary star, always part of a gathering of stars.