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Monday, July 19, 2010

The view from down here


  1. All so pretty. I never planted the flower seeds I bought this year. Ah, well, perhaps they will keep for next season.

    It looks bright and beautiful there.

    How's Sparkles? Regular updates are in demand.

  2. You know I might just lie back with pina colade... hope you don't mind. I won't leave any mess. Promise.

  3. Jean, The nice thing about Dahlias is that they just come back every year. I dug these ones up in the middle of winter and moved them with us when we moved to a new home a couple of years ago. Each flower is close to 18 inches across.
    Sparkles has learned to purr and tried to groom her front paws for the first time. We reckon she's three weeks old now. She has a check-up scheduled tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful pics, beautiful garden. I'm so glad Sparkles is doing well!

  5. Really nice flowers. I like the sign inviting people into your garden.

  6. That was really 'inches' you meant to say, ER? How do they ever hold their heads up??

    You have a waterfall. I'm jealous. Delighted to hear that Sparkles is purring. So are we all.

  7. Never. You have a garden? Never.
    This is the first time I've seen a sign of it on your blog.
    It's gorgeous, do you do the work on it?
    And once more with feeling: well, I never!

    (They still use stupid expressions like that here, you know.)
    Glad to hear Sparkles is doing her/his best to stay alive. Atta girl.

  8. Di,thanks on all counts.

    TechnoBabe, I love that sign, it's hand painted on slate; one of my better acquisitions.

    Deborah, these are true soup-plate Dahlias. I do string up a system of canes and twine or the wind will lay them down. Then I just cut them and bring them inside, which is O.K. too.

  9. Friko, I have written about my garden, but not for a long while. My foster dogs took all my energy and time so I let everything slide a bit. You posted great Dahlia pictures last year so I thought I'd get my act together and be first this time:)
    Nurturing is kind of a habit around here, whether four legged or rooted in the dirt.

  10. Can we go swimming after meeting the flowers ???

    It's supposed to be 33 to 35°C here tomorrow...

    Am sweating just at the prospect of it.

  11. Owen, the foster dogs barked at me every time I went in the water, trying to herd me to safety. I gave up in deference to my neighbors ears. It is nice to slide once again into cool waters on a hot day. Come on over.

  12. all this talk of heat and sun and flowers.. I never got round to gettinf my garden done AGAIN!.. and autumn is well and truly moving under our feet here, can feel it on the air. While London roasts in heat wave, my field squelches under hooves and we need big fleeces to wear in the evening!

    So sorry to hear of your animal troubles at the moment.. there's nothing worse than having to say imminant good-byes... your post about your old girl is so perfectly written regarding this. Sending good things :-)

  13. Watercats, you have been tending the growth of your musical garden. There's still plenty of time for bulb-planting in a couple of months to guarantee a vibrant Spring. Thanks for the animal encouragement.