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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a difference a week makes...

Above and below: July 22 nd
Above and below July 29th
Sparkles has turned into a moving target. We will need an "action photographer" to capture more images of the beast. She is 4 weeks old.
Sparkles has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, for a check-up and testing to see if she is carrying any kitty-pox diseases. She was too tiny to rob her of any blood for testing up until now. If she gets a clean bill of health she will be joining four other kittens the same age in foster care. I'll let you know what her future holds as soon as I find out.


  1. Good heavens, the blur is obvious!! It that's not a miraculous transformation then I don't know what is.

    I am going to miss the mini-mite around here. But she does need to learn to be a cat and the only way to do that is with other cats....preferably littermates.

  2. Awwww, how sweet, a love story.
    Well done, good, kind-hearted ER. I bet you'll mis Sparkles.
    What a bundle of fun she is.

  3. Well bless her tiny little mittens! Hard to believe she is still only 4 weeks old, as it seems like you've had her forever - which you have. But when you think that most kitties shouldn't leave mom until at least 8 weeks, it's crazy!
    Great to see more pics - so sweet. I will hope to see pics as she is intro'd to new foster family etc - I'll miss seeing her otherwise.
    Still not tempted?!

  4. Aw - she looks so full of life! Keeping my fingers crossed for the vet's appointment!

  5. You have done a wonderful thing. Soarkles is just gorgeous (for two pins, I'd fly over ther and adopt her). Won't French Artist Hubby miss her too?

  6. Wonderful to hear she's doing so well; what a bundle of fun.

  7. I can't believe it's only been a week! Seems like Sparkles has been in our hearts forever.

    Another life you've saved, ER.

  8. I'm SO GLAD li'l Sparkles has turned the corner, literally, apparently, as well as figuratively!
    If MiMau didn't appear to be improving, although not yet eating, and if you were not on the other side of the country, I'd be putting dibs on her.

  9. Sparkles had good negative test results for a whole list of kitty-pox. She must finish her anti-viral eye drops, (another few days) and then go to meet the other kittens. She weighed in at 1.1 pounds. They weighed her on the big-girl scale today. Last time it was a tiny baking scale.
    She's exhausted right now. The receptionist cried out "It's Sparkles!" and everyone who works at the vets' swooped down on her to exclaim at her progress and play and get bitten by her. Then she was upset by the blood draw and also by receiving her de-wormer. This kitten is like a Formula One race car with all kinds of mechanics buzzing around at a pit stop.

  10. You did such a good job saving her. She is such a darling kitten. Hooray for you and hooray for Sparkles.

  11. She is soooo cute! And it is very nice to see her beat the odds under your constant care.

  12. 24-7 nurturing. We should all get some. How we would thrive!