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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thinking of You...

I received a "Package from England" in the mail this week; a puffy brown envelope with my sister's recognizable chicken-scratch writing on the label; not so very different from the way our Mother's hieroglyphics used to look; although Mum did make it to the post office in a more timely fashion. I had an inkling as to the contents, having managed to connect with Sis in one of our "the planets have to be aligned just right for this to happen" phone calls recently. She had mentioned that she had a Christmas present lying around for me still (in May). I told her she shouldn't go to any trouble on my account, but she obviously did.
The contents of her gesture of sisterly love, in chronological order, were a heartfelt condolence card for the loss of my old dog. (Diva went to the rainbow bridge last August). Fiona had written, "It's not the full-stop at the end that counts, it is how good the book was and Diva's life has been a very good read."
The second card was one from the holidays season, with some very cute penguins in red wooly hats and, finally, to mark the birthday I had in March, a "so true, it's almost not funny" card about husbands who hear things in their own way.
I feel as though I've experienced a little time warp.


  1. Hello:
    'Better Late than Never!' And we have come to hear this on so many occasions that we are now rather persuaded that the we should actually prefer 'Better Never than Late'. But that is in no way to attempt to create a division between you and your somewhat tardy sister!!

  2. Jane and Lance, It's all a question of relativity. There was a period of 8 years when we were not in contact at all, simply because we were in different countries, living different lives. We would each hear snippets about the other through our Mother. It seemed normal at the time:)

  3. I haven't had contact with my sister for about three years. We live on different planets.

  4. Thus proving that time is indeed relative to your proximity to an event... I like what she said about Diva. An epitaph for us all to aspire to.

  5. Well, there is that idiot saying" It's the thought that counts" . . . . . .

  6. If she'd sent them in a timely fashion, you'd have had to think up something else to Blog about...

    But, this made me giggle.

    Bisouxxx, Kitty

  7. They say the test of a good friend is one with whom you can pick up the conversation "in the middle" even after you've been apart for years. Sounds as if you and your sister are in the midst of one of those conversations. Long may it continue....*S*

  8. If you can get the things listed above this late maybe you can still get a pony!

    So yes, better late than never! Only problem is you will have to rename you blog.

  9. My hairdresser, a woman in her late forties, has 7 siblings, all of whom remained in close touch even after the parents died. I envy that kind of family connection. My two brothers and I are rarely in contact, as much my fault as theirs, probably. Distance doesn't help but there's a certain assumption on the part of family members that they will always be there no matter the neglect. Most friendships wouldn't survive that.

  10. I'm delighted to hear that you received a 3-fer from Fee! Will wonders never cease!

    I, on the other hand, found that my own sister (who is, in fact, still alive and typing), from whom I had not heard since May 2009 (in spite of missives sent), had become "friends" with an extended family member using the lovely laptop that I bought her in order to keep in touch with me when I moved to France...

    Best count your blessings, as I know you do.

  11. Martin, I have chosen to try to remember that we all come from different planets. It helps.

    Steve, I too liked what Sis wrote. It was good to have finally reached a stage where I didn't burst into tears at the loss, also.

    Friko, It is, indeed, the thought that counts. I am always appreciative.

    Kitty, It's one of those "same planet, different worlds" sisterhoods.

  12. Jean, I know that I am missing a lot by not being closer geographically, although we'd probably fight if we saw each other too often. I left home when she was twelve and she got used to being an only child quite quickly.

    Birdie, what a chirpy, happy thought. I'm sure the name could be tweaked:)

    Deborah, families are all so different. I wouldn't want My Sister X Seven!

  13. Hi Quasi Goddess! Because she knows that you are still there and can be counted on, like a rock. I'm happy you located her, for your peace of mind.