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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Date With The Devil

I just made a date with The Devil. His surface is as slick as a nectarine with an overripe sheen of putrefaction; apparently appealing but containing a poisonous mess. We worked for him a couple of years ago, even having him to dinner at our home. Our business relationship concluded on civil terms. He didn't succeed in getting everything he wanted but we ended up by giving more than we signed up for.

Typically, now that he is considering USING us again, we had a charming phone conversation today. He remembers to ask after everyone's health. He speaks a little French, as the mother of his children is from France. His "I want to marry a millionaire" Blonde Russian Concubine has French connections also. They are off to Paris in the afternoon.

Of course I can be at his house by 7:30 am tomorrow. What else would I have planned?
The following link will take you to a party we attended at his house, back when I was new to blogging. It may set the scene for the rest of the story which will surely unfold in the days to come.
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  1. Things should go much differently this time, don't you think? You know his MO and you are stronger with that knowledge. Everything in writing and nothing more.

  2. Yes, get it all in writing, better still, have your lawyer do that...

  3. Fix that smile, grit those teeth and arm your eyes with daggers...

  4. It's started! After getting up earlier than usual to fit in dog walk and such before my appointment this morning. As I'm ready to leave home, my cell phone contains a message that we are rescheduled now for 11:30 am.

  5. Ha, you are a resourceful lady, is there any kind of inbuilt revenge you could take. Nothing that he'll notice until he has paid you?

    I read the account of your previous meeting; I am seriously annoyed on your behalf. And that's putting it mildly. How necessary is it that you let him get away with further displays of misspent youth?

  6. Friko, He is well known amongst his compatriots, and not in a good way. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. I hope it's enough this time around. I'm up for the challenge.