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Friday, July 1, 2011

In search of comments

I've been struggling to fix a problem I'm having receiving comments over on gmail. I can read the comments that readers leave after my posts, but only on my blog page. I can comment on other blogs but don't receive the follow up comments to read. My gmail receives normal email, just not from blogs any more. Can anyone help me?


  1. It must be something with gmail. Not much help, I know.

  2. Gmail is, alas, something outside of my experience. Good luck!

  3. It must be a Gmail glitch. Comments have been appearing on my blog, way before the emails have arrived. Seems to have settled down now. Blogger has also been playing tricks.

  4. All I can suggest is to re-enter your email info in your dashboard preferences. Presumably you've also checked your online Gmail spam folder to see if they've ended up there - I find Gmail fairly inconsistent with how it treats suspected spam.

  5. Check out the blogger help forum - there may be advice there. Try resetting your browser and emptying cache/cookies.

  6. Of these six comments, four appeared in gmail, which is progress of a sort. Siliyak and Martin were only visible on the blog.
    I had reset my password several times and cleared cache and cookies, which was suggested on help forum. That hadn't changed anything.
    This all started a few days ago when I opened my blog the bloglist, of blogs I follow, was all out of order and out of date. Is "Brainfart" a techie term?
    Today's exchanges give me hope that this will self fix.

  7. Blogger's been having trouble with comments for a few weeks now. I log in, but it says I'm not logged in, etc, couldn't leave comments at all on some sites. Some of the issues have cleared up, but others are still intermittently still occurring... hopefully they will fix these issues someday... but don't hold your breath...

  8. Comments are like the deritus of mice, never truly examined for fear of what we might find.

    Rest assured, your dexterity with words keep the silent amongst us coming ever back for more.

  9. That must be why I'm not receiving any comments.

    Oh, wait...

    I'm not receiving any comments because I haven't written in my so-called blahg in months...

    Oh, and I haven't read any blogs or left any comments in almost as long.

    I hate it when that happens.

    Good luck sorting out your missing comments in email problem. I think you are brave. I could never tolerate clicking that "send me emails of my/their comments button." It made me too anxious and neurotic about having a Gmailbox full of unread "emails." You are brave.

  10. The dam has broken! Sudden deluge of 122 lost comment threads. Lots to read.