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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Bang


  1. We're big fans of the series but I've never heard the entire song. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I've never seen the series or heard this before...I hope your day was lovely.

  3. Well. that was interesting. Quite a perspective on the world's creation and "decreation." *LOL*

    Never saw the show, but it looks like fun. I'll have to watch, I guess. Thanks for an entertaining post.

  4. And I suspect it'll end with a whimper.

  5. Hee hee! And catchy enough for the Creationists to sing along to as well!

  6. BBT is my favorite show of the moment and I love Barenaked Ladies as well, so it's all a big win for me!

  7. Stephen, I got hooked on the show by accident and then the song was stuck in my head so I went looking for the words.

    e.Thanks and you too.

    Jean, the premise is some nerdy, brilliant folks without much clue socially. The dialogue is very clever.
    The song is fun and gives a larger perspective than just the few years we've inhabited this land. Something to give thanks for, either way.

    Martin, but in the long, or short term?

    Steve, nailed it, as usual.

    Argent, I am impressed by this show. I am not usually amused by sitcoms, but I was laughing out loud, all by myself, at this one. It's like Friends, but with an intellectual component and without the innuendo and slap-stick. (In other words, not like Friends, at all:)

  8. great programme, currently my favourite sit-com

    Sheldon Cooper is a work of comic genius

    Plus - who knew the song was so informative?

  9. Pixie, a lot of my clients are of the "brilliant" ilk, complete with OCD. They are completely convinced that the way they see the world is the "one true way" and, as they are found in clusters and are successful in Silicon Valley industries, they reinforce one another. They are also breeding so the next generation is bound to be even worse.
    I agree that Sheldon has captured the spirit and the mannerisms. I can't wait to see him act in something else.