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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falmouth Oscar's and Oscar

I'm still in Cornwall, although in Falmouth, until tomorrow. I have photos but can't get them uploaded. I'm using the library computer to connect briefly with the outside world. I've been walking around the headlands and some sub-tropical gardens. I just had a lovely lunch of Cornish mussels in a creamy broth, with my three aunts and promised myself I'll be back again soon.
Last night I had dinner with a complete stranger, after a serendipitous meeting on the street outside. My mother played piano for a while in a restaurant named Oscar's. When I checked into my hotel there was a card advertising Oscar's and I thought that would be a good choice for dinner. I didn't check the address, sure that I knew where to go. The old Oscar's is a Thai place now and I was walking along towards the part of town that now is home to a spiffy yachting crowd, when I saw a woman with an old golden retriever and hesitated whether to ask her or not. "Come on Oscar!" she said to her dog, so I told her what I was looking for. Half way through our sidewalk exchange of life-stories, with travel, artists, dogs and even our first names in common, her dog was tired and needed a rest. She took him to a friends house around the corner and bounced back to appear in the alternate eating place I'd chosen after giving up the search for Oscar's. I'm off to visit her daughter's art show in a minute.
The librarian is shutting us down. Paris tomorrow. Aurevoir!


  1. Worthy of an Oscar!
    I love chance happenings like that...

  2. And once again, a dog makes the connection. How ironic that you were looking for Oscar's and found Oscar, along with a new friend for dinner! Super story!

  3. Hope to see a photo of Oscar... sounds like a perfect evening... and on to Paris !!! Am leaving now for the airport...

  4. Sounds like Cornwall was good to you

    Enjoy Paris

  5. I know a golden retriever called Oscar too.

    It's dogs that help us make friends, I always knew it. I'm reduced to speaking to strangers who are walking their dogs without having one by my side now.

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time, it's lovely that you have family and friends in the old country.

    Have a good time in paris.