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Friday, December 7, 2012

Guests of Honor

 Meet Honor; handed in as a stray over Veterans Day weekend. The animal shelter sent us her mug-shot and we were waiting to spring her from jail, as soon as her seven day stray-hold sentence was up.
This is Honor, below, bathed and brushed, waiting for the vet to check her out.
Honor is two years old, healthy, happy and we know she was never spayed, because she came into heat. She will be returning to the vet before Christmas to get that taken care of.
Honor is a very blond collie. She's a white-factor sable with most unusual blue eyes. We've been calling her Honor Monroe (nod to Marilyn) and teaching her some basic manners. Last night Honor's presence was requested at a Red Carpet event.
 The fund raiser for the Humane Society was a screening of "Lassie Come Home" co-starring a young Liz Taylor. Rescue collies were invited, with a parade and introduction during intermission. There were three dozen collies to meet and admire. Honor was one of the youngest and, for a dog who didn't know how to walk on a leash a few weeks ago, she was a real star. "Sit" is one of our new achievements, especially with so many distractions around.
 The bag-pipes added to the Scottish flavor of the evening. I don't suppose he's used to taking second billing to a troop of canines. There was another actor-type dressed in a muted tartan, Rob Roy/Braveheart persona. Just enough bear grease in his hair to be convincingly heathen, and keep his locks from his chiseled  cheek bones. Note to costuming: no matter how handsome the legs; no matter the latest fashion trends, no man should wear a kilt that far above the knee; especially if he plans to run up the theater-aisle in front of us!


  1. She's very beautiful. I'd love her myself!

  2. Honor is stunning! What a good girl she is. Thank you for showing her the ropes & for fostering her.

  3. Honor Monroe!

    What a great moniker and one with which her beauty is completely in synch! She looks sensational in photo #2 after her beauty treatment.

    You would go off to a doggie event and find a Scottish bagpiper! It looks like a great time was have by all and you look fantastic in your winter coat!

  4. She's beautiful ! And you both do Red Carpet with consummate style .

  5. Oh my goodness, she is crazy-beautiful. Looks like she works-for-treats very nicely and is able to be completely attentive despite noisy bagpipes. Shouldn't be hard to find a home for this girl.

  6. It's not how you hang the kilt above the knee hen, it's what hangs just above the knee within the kilt. Trust me...

    Beautiful dog by the way.

  7. Di, already know you're a softee. If you were closer...

    P.J. You have 'friended so many. Honor is very adoptable, once she's done with her heat and spayed, we'll find her a forever home.

  8. Ms. Pliers, with your love of movies, you might have enjoyed this event yourself. I didn't see one minute of the film myself, too busy wrangling an impatient young ingenue.

    Kerry, as "one who trains her dog", I'm sure you see the nuances of her stance. Great dog in the making. We're having a play date with an obedience competitor collie this afternoon. I have my fingers crossed for a connection with the human behind the dog. Ulterior motive? Who me?

  9. Chef, I was sure you'd go there...As you answered one commenter on your blog " Try reading what's not written". That really is the art.

  10. She is a beauty and you have done wonders with her already the way she sat with such attention towards you as the bagpipes played. I am mightily impressed.

    There is no doubt in my mind she will very quickly find a wonderful forever home once she is fixed and settled. Lucky girl to have you as her sponsor/foster.

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    While the men of wiser mind
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  12. Gorgeous! So nice to see you blogging and you've a heart of gold for fostering...I hope Honor finds a wonderful home. Would you consider keeping her?

  13. e, Honor will get a great home. She won't need me. One day I'll take a dog, or two, again. I'd like to be in a better suited house and I'll take a dog that has less options than Honor.