Along for the ride:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Speedos, or Nothing...

One last post before we go. I can't believe I ordered a bathing suit online, and it fits. I had to cut out the underwire cup supports. Whose idea were they? It's bad enough trying to wriggle into a bright turquoise patterned, ruched sausage skin, without rigid bands of metal defying the very intent of streeeetch fabric and clouding the forecast of oceanside relaxation.
Last night, in between nursing poor Honor, who was quite miserable, recovering from spay surgery, I got out the Nair. In defiance of those nasty ladies with the hot wax, a pretty successful attempt was made to clean up my act. Pedicure at 9am tomorrow, and I will be beach ready.
(Any potential robbers out there, "forget it, we gave already" and we have house/cat-sitters so double darn to you).
St Martins, Isle Saint Martins, St Maartens is home to a friend of The Artistic One, and he's been inviting us for years. I fully expect to spend time listening to war stories of youthful escapades, from two Septuagenarians in Speedos, who haven't met face to face for three decades. Lovely daughter is accompanying us. We'll have a real generational sampling. I hope, for her sake, she'll find some other age-compatible islanders. I suspect they'll be buzzing around like bees in no time. Why wouldn't they?
I've researched the equestrian facilities and I'm taking my riding kit. Although all the photos are of tourists in short shorts, riding their horses in the surf, I have hopes of some real riding too.
We are making this the extent of our family present exchange, although there will, of course, be gifts for our Host and Hostess.
The Artistic One has packed his watercolor paints and brushes. His memories are tangible. I can't wait to see them unfold.


  1. I have no wish whatsoever to see Mr. Fly and younger cousins in speedos...there are limits!

  2. It sounds perfect .... you'll all have a wonderful time .
    Bon Voyage !!

  3. Yes. Have a wonderful time. And jealous? Moi? Perish the thought!

  4. Sounds perfectly delightful. Have a great time. You deserve it!!

    As for the underwires, I have no idea why so many bras and bathing suits have them. They are uncomfortable to me, that's for sure, so I try to buy garments without.

    Glad the suit fit. I buy a lot on line, but I pretty much know my sizes so it's usually OK. Bet you look stunning!!! Now go and do some sunning!!

  5. I've been to St Maartens and it's a charming place. I hope you have a great time, and be sure to take lots of pictures.

  6. "I got out the Nair" ...and here was me for a fleeting moment picturing plaits like a horses mane!

  7. Have a wonderful time! Please take many pictures.

  8. You will now have been gone for 8 days and may already be back from your Caribbean Christmas... I hope that the three of you had a lovely time with your friends and that you made a lot of nice memories as a family.

    Happy New Year!

  9. "his memories are tangible" - i like that.

    Personally i prefer trunks to speedoes, but then i'm no michael phelps

    Hope you had a good christmas, holiday and riding experience

  10. Hope you are having great time sporting lycra and horse hair :) Happy New Year!

  11. Wiola, that's a "nasty" thought:)

    Chef, you took your own path, as usual. The male flight attendant, on the way home, did ask where our braids were. He looked suitably astounded when I said they were just out of sight. You can take the blame.

    Happy New Year to everyone. Photos and adventure stories to follow.

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