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Friday, March 8, 2013

Remember AIG? "Too big to fail"

AIG Sponsors Thermal $1 Million

By Staff Report November 26, 2012
Rusty Stewart and his bay gelding Bristol clear a huge Swedish oxer.
Heading into Thermal, Rusty Stewart (seen here on Bristol) leads the standings to qualify for the West Coast $1 million. (Photo by Paula Parisi)

Insurance firm American International Group Inc. 
has stepped up to sponsor HITS’ new Thermal $1 Million Grand Prix.
Set to cap the 2013 Desert Circuit, the AIG Thermal $1 Million Grand Prix is set for March 17 at the HITS Desert Horse Park just outside of Palm Springs, CA.
“Between our continuing relationship with Pfizer Animal Health and this new relationship with AIG, two of the largest corporations in the world are now involved in horse sports,” HITS president and CEO Tom Struzzieri said. “It speaks volumes about the recent growth of our sport and makes an encouraging nod to the future of American show jumping.”
“HITS provides an amazing venue and showcase for driven competitors and owners who enjoy success in and out of the show ring. This sponsorship allows us to celebrate that lifestyle while also raising awareness of the ways in which we can protect it,” AIG vp marketing for the Private Client Group Gina Teresi said.

The AIG Thermal $1 Million is the culmination of a cooperative effort between HITS and several West Coast horse show producers that joined forces to form the AIG Thermal Million Grand Prix League. It is expected to attract international show jumping talent in the form of qualified riders from the U.S., Mexico, Canada and beyond.
HITS president and CEOTom Struzzieri at the HITS Desert Horse Park in Thermal, Calif. (Photo by Paula Parisi)
Riders will qualify for the AIG Thermal Million based on prize money won in grand prix at participating west coast shows, and must compete in at least four grand prix at the HITS Desert Circuit. Money won will be calculated by rider/horse combination with the rider’s top money winning horse determining the rider’s final ranking.
The top 40 riders in the AIG Thermal Million Grand Prix Rider Rankings will qualify. Heading into the Desert Circuit, Rusty Stewart is the rider at the top of the rankings based on performance in the non-HITS qualifiers. But with 17 Thermal grand prix (including three FEI World Cup Qualifying classes during Weeks II, III and IV) the deck is likely to be reshuffled a few times before the million dollars is awarded.

AIG - Are They Hiring? (posted March 2009)

Does anyone know if AIG is hiring? They have my dream job; screw up all day long and then collect your bonus!
I am struggling along with a really small business. We seem to struggle even when no-one else is, so we are maybe better equiped to get through all this gloom and doom. No great changes, just more of the same.
My one employee has a weekly bonus of $1 per hour worked, which is tied to him showing up on time and NOT screwing up in any truly unacceptable way. Once or twice a year he needs reminding that his bonus is vulnerable. This has worked with him and others over a number of years.
I am obviously out of synch with the methods of corporate America. Same planet, different Worlds!


  1. I'm sensing that this is a good thing?

    1. Chef, I suppose it is a good sign, as far as rebounding-economy is concerned. My first reaction was "There they go again" outrage. This is the company that had to be bailed out by the US, to the tune of multi-millions, and who paid there executives their enormous yearly bonuses, with our money, despite the fact that they had gotten themselves into the financial mess in the first place. (Steam coming out of my ears!)

    2. Aye hen, I understand just how much the big boys can screw up your business. Good job I have always been handy with a box of matches and a drop or two of fuel, eh?

  2. Clearly you lack the essential for corporate success...the ability to spout bulshit until proplr let you do what you want out of sheer despair...

    1. You're right there! I sense there's no place for me in either the Corporate or Diplomatic field.

  3. AIG reorganized itself. My car insurance with them as parent company is now 21st Century. The insurance part of the main company was never in jeopardy.

    AIG has sponsored horse events for years. Not sure it's the best expenditure of money, but the events--big dressage competition here that I know of--usually do really well. Must be someone high up in the executive branch that has equines????

    Kind of mixed feelings about it all. Kind of like the Romney's dressage horse. Good on one hand and then some bad publicity on the other. Horses, according to the general public, are a symbol of rich, fast money...if ya know what I mean.

  4. Jean, I had no problem with the Romney's dressage expenditures. I don't believe they ever asked the government for money. I thought he was an idiot when he tried to pretend he didn't know what time his horse was competing and he didn't support his wife. That's a character defect.
    I'm sure that AIG will get their (shareholders') money's worth in prestige and PR. It just struck me as such a reminder of another time. "Same planet, different worlds" applies now, as it did then.
    (Maybe it's an affirmation of "any press is good press" ? I'd have changed my name, in their position.)

  5. There is definately a boom in riding on our little Island. Maybe they are working on the "where there's muck, there's money" principle, as they don't appear to have any of their own.