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Friday, April 12, 2013

Kindness really does matter

I'm glad to be writing a positive update about the puppies mentioned in the previous post. Frankie, the sickest baby almost didn't make it. One vet advised putting her to sleep, but intravenous antibiotics helped her make it through the night. She can't begin her treatment to cure her mange until she's a bit stronger so her foster family (our area coordinator, husband and parents of same) are working full time to bathe, salve and succor this unhappy girl. Frankie's two siblings are doing better than she, as they were relinquished sooner and had begun treatment already, but they still need a lot of attention.
As to finding the discontinued medicine that we need, the response from people everywhere has been amazing and supplies are starting to come in. People are also making donations towards veterinary care, which will be huge by the time we get these dogs through this.


  1. Fingers crossed that things go well. Poor Frankie; it sounds like she's in the best possible hands, though, and so she might just pull through okay.

    I'm glad you're getting a positive response. People want to help these unfortunate puppies:)

  2. I was wondering how things were going. Thanks so much for this good news!

  3. Can I help somehow by spreading the word via Aspire? Horse people are mostly dog lovers so might help? Please let me know and if you wanted to write a few sentences of what would be most helpful I am happy to ru nit through my social media.
    Also, would a crowdfunding site be an idea (like this one: for gathering funds for these pups?
    They look dreadful, I am keeping everything crossed you can help them!