Along for the ride:

Monday, September 23, 2013

As if leaving weren't stressful enough....

Here's a photo of some recent "transformations" to my lawn, thanks to the raccoons. I know they found some yummy grubs and earthworms because they dropped some in the jacuzzi, whilst washing off their dinner.
I really don't have time to blog but I need a quick break from all the unexpected problems that needed solving before we fly to France tomorrow. 
I worked a very full day on Saturday. I got home to a familiar refrain of "I can't find my wallet".
The Artistic One doesn't usually get too worried and I've heard the song so many times, I just let him walk around saying "I've looked everywhere". This is not true and wallets usually reappear after a few days, in a drawer, under the bed or fallen from pants pocket into a shoe in the closet.
His searching and complaining was of a more theatrical nature than usual. After a while, he told me he had received a mysterious call from a bank. He hadn't completely understood and the caller had gone in search of an interpreter and disconnected in the meantime.
By the time I was apprised of this little gem, it was late on Saturday and no one answered the number we called back. I got online to look at recent bank-activity and, sure enough, the lucky thief who found all the necessary PIN's with the cards in the wallet, had been on a bit of a spree and made several withdrawals from each account.
Two hours of phoning banks, cancelling cards and giving statements ensued. All's well. The money is restored and I can do the rest of the affidavits when we return. TOA still has plastic to play with on our travels and he still has both passports. It could have been worse.
Thank goodness I had a horse to ride yesterday. Chief was a star. He's learning about circles and cantering on the correct lead. You can see him trying his best to get the footwork right over two ground-poles in a row. His ears are forward and his brain is steaming along. This is a horse with a very willing and completely honest nature. If I give precise aids, that we've previously learned, he does his job. It all came together on Sunday which was very rewarding. Given the choice, I'd stay here and ride Chief every day. 


  1. Damn! That is all you need just before going away. And the raccoons can bugger off, too.

  2. Oh sweet jeezuz. Sounds like you caught it in the nick of time. Glad you had a good ride. Have an excellent trip.

  3. Horses are so therapeutic, aren't they? Bon voyage!

  4. Och hen, get stuck in to the duty free and forget your woes for a wee while eh?

    By the way, I'm expecting at the very least, one of these beauties from your good self. Pont l'Evèque, Epoisses, Chèvre, Tomme de Savoie.

    Enjoy yourself hen.

  5. Ah well, all’s well that ends well.
    By now you should be in France, where TAO understands the language; you won’t have a horse but you’ll have friends. And cheese.

  6. What a pisser. I am off back to England on Sunday, so my wallet is under lock and key.

  7. My raccoons were raiding the cat food on the back porch. Now, they have been replaced by a cute little skunk. *sigh*

    Glad you resolved the wallet crisis with a minimum of loss.

    As for Chief and the riding...wonderful. It's such a great feeling when the horse starts to respond to your training. Still, the vacation will be a good break from some of the less enjoyable aspects of home. So go and have a good time!

  8. At least horses don't have wallets to lose...

  9. Currently inching along Rue de Rivoli in evening traffic. For once we have time to examine architectural details

  10. Glad you've got there at last ! And I hope you both have a lovely time

  11. Oh wow- that would be my worst nightmare. I'm so glad you got it sorted before leaving. Enjoy France!