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Friday, October 23, 2015

Please don't put honey on my Brussels sprouts!

As willing as I am to try new ingredients and recipes, I know that I don't ever wish to try Brussels sprouts with honey.
The restaurant in question is convenient for lunch; has outdoor seating and parking near by. It's very on trend and popular. The Artistic One likes the decor and the young and attractive waitresses. I find it pretentious for a waiter, who has been asked to serve the starter before the entree, to accept the request and then serve everything at once, responding with "Oh, the kitchen just prepares everything when the order comes in".  I understand that might be more lucrative for their time management but the place is not cheap and I found it annoying last time we ate there.
Some time has passed and I decided to set aside my reservations and try another lunch yesterday. The first special they described was poached pears in balsamic reduction. The second was Brussels Sprouts with a honey glaze. I didn't even translate those for TAO. They were non-starters (oops, pun).
The pizza menu is not a pizza menu, it's divided into "Red Pies" and "White Pies" and sausage and honey red pie did not appeal.
We found two items on the menu that were from our food planet. Arugula and beet salad with pine nuts and cheese as well as pork meatballs, supposedly with a special aioli that I didn't spot on the plate. They were very tasty, once we'd asked for salt and pepper, which were on none of the tables.
It was Friday and we ordered a glass of rose each that was very enjoyable, which was our downfall and led to ordering a dessert.
I can't imagine why we were so surprised that the delicious looking Mexican choclate bread pudding was coated with a crusty layer of sea salt!


  1. When I go to London to stay with a friend we like to go out for a meal or two...but it is getting harder to find
    A something we can afford
    B somewhere that won't make two dumpy old bats feel unwanted
    C somewhere where the chefs can cook and the waiters serve and
    D somewhere where the idea that food is to be enjoyable not a voyage of disappointed discovery prevails.

  2. I'm with you both. Just give me something that tastes good, that I don't make at home and that I can afford...

  3. e...I cook from scrath every day three times a day..I long for something that I can;t afford to cook with household equipment.
    Last time we found a Thai restaurant running from someone's front room...exquisite food - and we could afford it

  4. This sounds like what I think of as Silly Food. Will you go again?

  5. Three year-old grandson looked with bemusement at the orange and lemon segments surrounding his chocolate donut the other day .
    "What are they doing there ? "

  6. Actually, I've had brussel sprouts with a brown sugar reduction of some sort....maybe vinegar too and they were delicious. I'll admit the honey does sound a bit strange but I suspect it had a savory addition to take the edge off the sweetness. That restaurant does sound like an adventure. Too bad they don't offer a "sampler" plate where you could try a little bit of each unusual offering...just for fun.

  7. Sorry All, the ability to forge individual replies escaped me this week. Mental block came on when I spent too much time imagining a post about the fashionability of Kale everywhere now.
    Thank you for making comments.