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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Lacie Enjoying the "Rest and Best of her Forever"


 Lacie is currently living "The Rest and Best of her Forever" with me, as my Forever-Foster. 

When you take on a fourteen year old dog, you know you must make the most of every day, with them and for them. She makes me smile, every day.

The neighborhood feral cats, that mostly ignore Lacie's strolls around our backyard, stretched and rose from their spots in the sun and Lacie achieved some slow-motion cat herding, which made her day.

Lacie's legs move faster in her dreams than when awake.
She's on meds for arthritis and pain pills for her bad knees, as well as a liver supplement. Pills are disguised in a spoonful of kitten food and some rotisserie chicken bits. 
She now has a raised food and water station that has helped a lot.
Her coat is shiny and fabulous, although she can no longer stand long enough to go to the grooming salon. We manage a walk around the block in the morning, to give her an appetite. 

Lacie's eyesight is imperfect so we have night-lights in every room and solar lights in the garden, so that she always knows where she is. 
Our late afternoon excursion is around the corner to the school. Now that she has learned that people are a good thing, Lacie stops and smiles in the hope of getting attention from anyone she sees. 

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  1. How wonderful for you both! Happy Christmas and New Year.