Along for the ride:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My current favorite color is "Venetian Shade". I almost couldn't resist "Raindrops on Roses" for my bedroom walls but I did.
When I lie half awake and look at the walls I hear "Venetian Shade" in my mind and imagine a late afternoon Plaza with a bistro-table and chairs. The shadows are cast long and people are beginning to gather with friends. Day will soon pass into dusk and who knows what the evening might bring?
If I ever got to choose a dream career it would be naming paint colors.


  1. Is that a cousin of Venetian Blinds?

    And Raindrops on Roses would give me nightmares--Whiskers on Kittens can't be far behind.

    I do, however, agree on the new career path!

  2. And your point is?
    Do you not know that Doe is a Deer, a Female Deer & The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music?