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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Muddy Boots

I may not read tea-leaves-but I can see hope in muddy boots.
- My every-day, dog-walking, puddle-proof wellies. (Wellington Boots)
Their pinkness and happy floral make me smile for that alone, but they also have such potential for new friendships; for who can resist commenting on bright pink boots in the company of a big (wet!) furry dog?
This week we had rain. Not enough to end fears of drought, but more than expected. I have twice heard solo-frogs trying to start a chorus.
- Rainy Day Fashion Boots.
I needed them as I escorted clients around our outdoor display area at work and I wore them to several construction-site meetings. Getting these boots muddy is a small sign of momentum returning to my industry; Somewhat like my one daffodil, now in flower, which last week was only a pushy stalk and now is a full-bloom yellow promise of things to come.
- Riding Boots.
The muddy christening of my new riding boots. The act of buying them was a statement to self that I am worth it and a commitment to stop letting days and weeks and years go by denying myself my true passion. There will always be obstacles; money and time being the short-story version. 
Whenever I return to my Equine Element I recognize that I am at the center of that which makes me happiest; nurtures my confidence; and is the lexicon by which I translate the rest of life around me.
Yesterday I rode a horse; The aroma of warm wet horse enveloping me as I concentrated on improving my position, the better to communicate with this large, gentle, trusting animal. He didn't know me and I had just met him but we strove for an hour to be the best that we could be together.
One down - a million more hours in the saddle to go.


  1. I am desperately trying NOT to buy a fabulous looking pair of boots on, little Miss Temptress. OK, you're right. It wouldn't hurt to just look at them again:>)

  2. Boots'll do that to you if you don't watch out. Very subversive and life-affirming, they are.

  3. I have more boot-stories in me...sounds like you do too - I'll race y'a!