Along for the ride:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Optimism is hope in sneakers - it makes life more comfortable but doesnt have to be taken too seriously.
An Optimist looks on the bright side, walks on the sunny side, and gets up on the right side of the bed every day.
This may lead to the impression that optimists are slightly out of touch.
But they are the ones who strike the match that dispels all the dark.
Who else reminds us that a glass half empty is also a glass half full?
Who else looks for the pony wherever there's a pile of you-know-what?
Who else pictures life a little rosier than it is?
And often, because of them, it really is.
author unknown


  1. I am either an optimist or a fool.

    I guess it will all work out.


  2. I am either the world's most optimistic pessimist. Or its most pessimistic optimist. Definitely not an optimist pure and simple.

    While you, my dear, definitely fill the bill re: "And often--always, relentlessly--in your case--it really is.

    Don't know how you do that thing you do but it does seem to work!

  3. Well, shit... Looks like I'm an optimist!
    My mother is going to be so disappointed in me.

  4. Welcome to my world Pearl. As embarassing as it may be, I admit to admiring Polyanna.

  5. Same here, am I an optomistic pessimist or a pessimistic optomist?

    Optimists. We certainly need them around us though!!

    Great verse.