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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG - Are They Hiring?

Does anyone know if AIG is hiring? They have my dream job; screw up all day long and then collect your bonus!
I am struggling along with a really small business. We seem to struggle even when no-one else is, so we are maybe better equiped to get through all this gloom and doom. No great changes, just more of the same.
My one employee has a weekly bonus of $1 per hour worked, which is tied to him showing up on time and NOT screwing up in any truly unacceptable way. Once or twice a year he needs reminding that his bonus is vulnerable. This has worked with him and others over a number of years.
I am obviously out of synch with the methods of corporate America. Same planet, different Worlds!


  1. Well, if all the guys who get the bonuses don't get the bonuses (according to the bonus givers) they will leave the company, so surely there will be dozens of openings.

    I am a school teacher and I never got a bonus, and lots of my students have gone on to success! H--m-m-m-m, what's wrong here?

    Did you hear the proposed tax law. Washington is threatening to tax bonuses over $100K at 100% for companies accepting bailout money.

    Trust me, these guys operate on another plane of consciousness than you and I .

  2. At my place of business we call it "revenge of the B students." Some revenge...
    However, we also say, "God don't like ugly."