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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enter to Win a Free Cremation? - Junk Mail

I continue to be amused and amazed by the creative thinking of our friends in direct mail marketing, otherwise known as junk mailers.
Would you be interested in competing for a free Cremation?
My husband is getting a bit insecure about his age, he will turn 74 next month. With my luck he'll be going strong for another twenty and I will be the one dragging myself pitifully along behind.
He is really annoyed that his paintings are going to go up in value the minute he snuffs it. We may have to send out an erroneous press release regarding his demise for him to be able to profit whilst still breathing. Every problem has a solution. But I digress.
I believe he is also worried about my stance on euthanasia as he predicts it might apply to him. I did ask the vet for a package deal when the cat was on her last legs, but he wouldn't do it. It's not as though disposal would be an issue, we have a nice, roomy, blue debris-box at the work-shop.


  1. Thanks Trudi,
    It is a "Laugh or Cry" kind of World, is it not?

  2. Wow, so what do you have to do to compete for a free cremation, I wonder ??? I sometimes think, when in a less than philanthropic frame of mind, that a few cremations, Spanish Inquisition style, might be a useful deterrent for mass marketers and spam mailers... or maybe just the local pest exterminators could handle the job ? I am sssooo tired of getting spam mail and mailbox stuffers... bon courage !

  3. You get much more creative mail than I do. Let's see. Today it was a notice from my credit card company that they too have decided usury is the best course to destroy the American consumer, so they are raising the interest rates....a lot....And then there's the Kohl's flyer for "The Lowest Prices of the Season," for about the 6th time this year. Does that mean if I wait until the season is actually over and shop then at the final "lowest price of the season," I will be paying almost nothing?