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Monday, April 20, 2009

Junk Mail?

Everyone gets junk mail. We get less than we used to, as advertisers have turned to email spam and other delightful practices, or maybe they have observed me putting the whole package in the trash immediately upon receipt. You never know who's watching? (That's for the conspiracy theorists out there).
I understand targeted marketing. There are areas where average income is, (used to be), higher than others. This Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay/Peninsula has the homes of the "Go-To" crowd when a Candidate needs money and support.
I know that my neighborhood does not fall into the "Mega-Bucks category. This was underlined by the junk mail we received this weekend. They are not only proposing that we might need to share a Private Jet, rather than having one all to ourselves, but we can pay 50% now and 50% later. 
I think I'm insulted!


  1. The 50% down part is really insulting! Like you can't pay for the whole thing all at once! Some nerve. *VBWG* And sharing the jet? C'mon!

    I don't think my neighborhood is quite the caliber of yours. Haven't quite gotten the sales pitch for a jet yet. How about $2 off on a large pizza? *lol*

  2. Rightly so, very insulting indeed ! They should have offered you a 747 with marble bathrooms and a satellite room so you can continue your blogging at 40,000 feet up, looking down through the radiant clouds at the rest of us mere mortals who don't rate high enough to get the private jet share-time offers... I don't even get 2 dollar off pizza deals, just mormons and 7th day adventists wanting to show me the road to the gates of heaven... and those people aren't offering any airplane rides either to get there...