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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everything is Relative:)

Adorable Hubby took the dog out yesterday. That might sound like a non-event to you, but input the information that AH is averse to walking (it is physically difficult for him) and that he was making an effort because I couldn't be there and poor doggie can't get down the stairs to the back garden on her own anymore, and you will see that it was a big deal that the two of them hobbled outside together for the first time in the twelve years that we have had a dog. 
Adorable Hubby doesn't usually get called AH, (or it stands for other words). He usually has me exasperated about something as our "power-struggle/marriage /business relationship" bumps along the twenty-something'st year on the road of our lives. 
Early on there were road signs that I didn't see, or didn't understand because they were written in French. They said things like "Grumpy Frenchman Ahead", "Beware of Artists" and "Danger: do not mix cultural, age and language differences". 
So, as my Dad used to say, "The damn fool didn't know it was impossible, so (s)he went and did it anyway". 


  1. just found you via a bit of a browse. We have everything in common except horses (I'm afraid of them), AH and dog included.
    You're fun.
    Will be back.

  2. Dear English Rider, just want you to know, for the effing record, I did go back into the dim, dark, dank, recesses of past postings here, to track down in its lair the dreaded Porta-Potty, and read with much guffawing your heart-wrenching (or perhaps gut-wrenching is more appropriate) account of your struggles to attain a certain balance in your life, without tipping over. The fact that you continue to blog onwards and upwards proves beyond a shadow of a porta-potty that you were ultimately successful in your quest, and are to be commended for it.

    I also enjoyed your Ghastly Toad. Why ?, you might well ask... well, my wife is french, and I have for years affectionately called her "Grenouille", because of course, she is a frog by birth, and I am not. She returns this tender favor by calling me her "sweet slobbering toad" (son crapaud baveux), when not calling me other less complimentary names ! So... now you know some very intimate details about an american toad, genus bufo americanus, that I don't often tell anybody...

  3. Hallo Friko und herzlich willkommen!

  4. English Rider, ma chère,

    I am so pleased to see that you are making so many new kind and delightful friends!

    I would have paid money to see Diva walking AH. Hell, I would have paid money to see AH. I've never seen him before! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    BTW, the stationary bike is a thing of the past!!!

  5. Maybe AH and doggie are bonding at last. Or else it was just one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences you will have to relish for the instant.

    Most good marriages I know seem to be a lot of hard work. Hey, I'm not in one, so it's easy to talk. *G*

  6. Someone famously wrote, "marriage is made up of poor conversation and bad smells"

    Take heart!


  7. I was going to say that I thought most marriages were like that--"mixing cultural, age, and language differences"--simply because of our sexual and brain wiring differences, but I so love Waving's quote that I have to tack it up in my kitchen for all to see.If you can't laugh at this point...

  8. LOVE all your comments, what fun! There're reasons I keep him around; I just keep forgetting what they are.
    Jean, FYI although AH has never once before fed or walked said old dog, she has been devoted to him since day one. He secretly enjoys being her idol. Who said life was fair?
    GG. Everyone agrees with your quote.
    Magpie, I know that now, but back then I thought all families were carbon copies of my own experiences. What a shock!
    Owen, thanks for delving deep and welcome to my world.
    Whew! Quite a work-out you all gave me. Now off to the garage to see about assembling (long-aforementioned) rowing machine.

  9. Fr'amie, sorry I don't always answer you. I sort of know that you know what I'm thinking. Thanks for your comment and for starting me off on this blog-road.