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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dandelion is to weeds what Coreopsis is to flowers

As I pat myself on the back that my lawn is now bright green and dandelion-free, I spy with the corner of my eye something bold and yellow and proud that has appeared in the lee of one of my "official plantings" on the hillside below. There is never only one solitary dandelion. As I sit in the shade, resting from my hard morning's weeding, I do enjoy the splash of vibrant color cheekily peeking out of the shade. He can stay for the day, this sentinel of hidden armies, but then I will resume the rout. He will fall on the battlefield and the war will be won, (for today).
I question myself because I have spent time this weekend adding more coreopsis to my landscape. Reliable, sturdy, bright yellow flowers; admitedly bushier and more important than Dandelion but so close in nature and effect.


  1. It is kind of ironic. The dandelions seem to want to spread their sunshine while the "domesticated" flowers have to be nutured and need to be replanted each year. (well not all of them, but so many) If we could only harness the dandelion's determination in our "intentional" flower beds, how much easier it would all be.

    My lawn is a total wreck. Should have put down some fertilzer early, but I'll get around to it. My aunt's lawn next door is manicured and beautiful. Guess I have to step up to the plate sooner or later.

  2. I love Dandelions. A weed or a wild flower? Just a matter of choice.

  3. I'm happy to hear that you are having weather nice enough to let you get out in your yard to wage war on unsuspecting dandelions!!! That's a great image.

  4. They look so innocently cheerful too,


  5. You may fairly say I'm a little slow sometimes, but at going on 50 I only just learned the other day, thanks to an alert reader, that "dandelion" is the anglicised version of the French "dents de lion" or lion's teeth... perhaps for the serrated edge of the leaves. And no doubt you are aware of the more common French name for them which is "pissenlit", apparently eating them makes one "wet the bed". Funny how some themes keep cropping up no matter how hard one tries to eradicate them... :D Happy weeding and thanks for your comment !

  6. Betwixt and between all the burnt out mattresses i found in my garden when i moved in there used to be a garden full of stinging nettles.

    I thought i'd got them all, but the buggers have come back and congregate around the back door trying to get my ankles

    But i guess someone said that even a rose in the wrong place can be a weed...

  7. We made lots of dandelion salads last year as I began the eradication process. Find a receipe for nettle soup, Pixie. You can do it! As a kid I learned that, when grasped fearlessly and firmly, nettles don't sting.