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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Suit of Armour-This Years Beach Fashions

-Having, as yet, not fully unpacked my long-anticipated rowing machine.
-Having delivered foster-dog, and planned exercise-partner, to new forever home.
-Having just had lunch at Stacks Pancake House.
-Being unwilling to face the idea of anything small, brightly colored and SPANDEX as acceptable public attire.
-Being often disinclined to shave my legs.
-Having toes which are purple; not through the endeavors of the hot-rock wielding maidens of the nail salon; but due to stubbed toes and other gardening injuries.
-Realizing that, even though we are having a couple of grey, coolish days, tomorrow could suddenly be summer-hot.
My brainwave for today offers you, and myself, a new season's metallic beach fashions. Complete with complimentary sword to use on any boom-boxes or other rotten, skinny beach-going annoyances.


  1. Hear! Hear! Sign me up for a boombox whacker. I can carry it in a little sheath right next to my earplugs.

    I think it is admirable that you are even contemplating suits and summer. I try to pretend my way from June to September. Probably why I'm so attached to the academic year!

  2. Ok, not a bad idea EXCEPT that I like to swim and said suit is not exactly ideal for flotation--a prerequisite. Ever hear of sinking like a stone.

    I go to a swimming pool where there a lots of people who look heavier than I do. It's just a matter of finding the right company to keep. *G*

    I have surrendered to accepting my body for what it is, although I too like the idea of the sword for boom boxes!

  3. Ever-practical, Huh Jean? You forgot to mention sand everywhere, rust from the salt air and the temperature inside my new suit.
    Variable color choices for the helmet-plume, sort of balance out the disadvantages, non?

  4. I don't have to worry about it yet, we've only had a couple of days worthy of shorts and t shirt.

  5. Well, the right color plume would make a big difference! *lol*