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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes me Happy

This was all set to be a post about my satisfying weekend in the garden but my Sister sent me an email which made me smile even more and I thought I'd share some of her instead:
...It has taken me this long to look at my email (1 month). I'm sorry but I'd just prefer to pretend the 21st Century isn't really happening and that one day we will all go back to grunting and keeping sheep. (Actually most men I know are half way there already).
Today is Easter Sunday and I am on my own as the boys are in France skiing, so I have been roped in to go to Catherine's Art Exhibition in St. Just and then to have dinner with Rosie. She's the young woman with whom I share Megan, the eternally lame horse. Megan is on her third month of box rest with walking out leading only.
This combined with Danny the Disappearing Fucking Greyhound, means that I have been walking five to ten miles a bloody day and now feel as though I have splints coming!
I think I may take up knitting.


  1. I'm starting to love English women more and more! Too bad your sister is a Luddite, if she weren't, you could get her to start a blog of her own and we could really read some interesting daily doings.


  2. Megan and Danny do not make for a good pair, I fear. I take it Danny runs, as greyhounds do, and Megan simply limps around? This is not a good thing.

    You could get fit this way, but I presume you would rather be riding and not chasing Danny.

    Sorry about that. Too bad I am on the opposite coast. I have more than enough horses to ride.

  3. This tidbit from my sisters email was extra funny to me as I have so many memories of moments when she was convinced that whatever mishap occurred was intentionally directed at her by the animal involved. She is doing Danny a favor by walking him and still he runs off! (He is a rescue greyhound who lives next door)
    She was also employed by an American ad agency in London and won awards for her work, on the computer, before any of us were comfortable with computers. Life in bucolic Cornwall has retrograded her technologically.
    She has very deliberately carved out a life communicating only with those within shouting distance. It is a huge big deal to receive an email, card or phone call from her.

  4. You sister seems to have adventure whether she wants it or not. Danny reminds me of the Alaskan Huskie that showed up in my pasture several years ago. Boyfriend had taken dog for walk. Dog decided to run off. Headed up our road, nearly a mile and half away to come frolic with my horses. Boyfriend's favor to girlfriend turned out to be near disaster as my neighbor was sure there was a "wolf" attacking my horses and had gone home to get his gun.

    At least a greyhound does not resemble a wolf.

    Misread where your sister is...duh...that means I am on the wrong continent with the extra horses to ride.

    What she needs is a horse to ride to chase after Danny. That way she can "kill two birds with one stone..." so to speak.

  5. Hmm, I thought the idea was that you would sit on the horse's back and the horse would do the walking.

    You might have to rethink this one!


  6. be careful with the knitting! It's a disease that catches very easily and it's difficult to get over as one of the symptoms is everyone with a new baby suddenly expecting a free cardigan for the rest of your life!

  7. Hi Jean, I realized that I had not clearly explained my sister's whereabouts. It was a generous offer on your part, regardless. She has other rideables (she's in England, afterall where horses are more main-stream/mane-stream, sorry couldn't resist). She feels duty bound to help exercise this mare whilst she's lame. You're right about the wolf-look being an additional problem. Danny just goes and goes and must be searched for over hill and dale. He is incredibly fast and gone in a blink if he smells small furry things. No good deed goes unpunished, but we knew that:)

    Hi Hungry Pixie, offer to knit wearable tea-coseys:)

    Hi GG, There's often more walking involved in the horse world than one would think.

  8. Once I re-read the post I realized she was in England. I didn't even think about adopted greyhounds "over there" as I have friends here in the USA who work on adoptions. I guess they stress keeping the dogs on leash or in a really secure fenced area until they are 100% trained in obedience (can you get there with a greyhound?) as that urge to chase small furry prey is so ingrained they will run for miles after bunnies and other critters. Instinct bred for centuries cannot easily be overcome.