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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Legend Grows!

Call me a hopelessly romantic optimist. Despite discouraging results for twenty-seven years, I haven't given up on communicating with my husband one day. I think we had a bit of a break-through this weekend.
Mind what you ask for, you might get it!
After spending Sunday morning totally focused on getting a particular equine called "Nacho" to stop falling over his own feet every few strides and being chastised for my tendency to drop my hands too low, which is directly related to the "Wriggly-Worm" version of straight forward movement that I was getting, and generally feeling exhilarated and refreshed at getting some of the desired improvements; albeit with a face, turned beet-red from exertion. I was in that "New-Beginnings" frame of mind when I got home.
At lunch I decided to share with Spouse how special riding is for me, and the fact that, only when I am immersed in horse-stuff do I have a mind totally free and emptied of all worries of clients, work, life etc.
"I know exactly what you mean" was the surprising reply. First of all, he doesn't usually listen, and secondly, he usually turns the conversation immediately to whatever totally unrelated subject he really wanted to talk about, before my interruption.
"I know exactly what you mean" he said, " I get that same release from driving really fast, as if I was racing."
He continued, "I do it two or three times a week on the freeway, on the way home. It makes me feel much better!"
Arrgh! I now have something new to worry about. As it is, anytime it's close to hubby coming home, if I hear sirens I am disquieted. He does usually turn up intact but I already envision the destruction he leaves in his wake.
I hate being a passenger as he decides last minute to change lanes, proving that with enough velocity, the universal rules of fitting large objects into tight spaces do not apply. Turn signals aren't for him, unless used as a metronomic accompaniment to his signalling left whilst turning right. Stop signs are optional. Sometimes he'll stop at a green light, presumably to check on another hypothetical road-user of similar creed who might be crossing on red. It's very upsetting for those slamming on the brakes behind him.
Pedestrians have no right of way, especially the shorter ones, who are such a road hazard, as they can't be seen over the front of his SUV. Some have even had the audacity to knock on the front to announce their presence. I hate that too, don't you?


  1. Time to update those insurance policies?

  2. Ohmigosh! I hope some of that is tongue in cheek. But then again, you did say he's been to traffic school a time or two. *sigh*

    I'd be worried too. It's not exactly how you would have preferred to connect with him in your mutual passions.

    Nacho sounds like an interesting ride. Sometimes horses with "issues" make the best trainers of all. Nothing like a good workout on a good horse to make your day.

  3. Oh my, how is it you make me laugh uproariously, when I know I shouldn't ??? What an automotive terror he must be if even one tenth of this is true ! I'm sure he must have some good point, if you've been with him for 27 years now... that is quite an accomplishment ! (oh yes, I remember, you said he did walk the dog once)

    What I guess you must really dislike about driving is having to untangle people's clothing from your windshield wipers, and picking the odd tooth or two out of the radiator grill ? Really annoying these folks that just can't stay out of the way of skilled drivers...

  4. These posts are so funny, even though I know I shouldn't laugh.

    I totally "get" what you feel about riding!!

    Keep writing, it brightens my day.

    Di x

  5. This one is all true. We have a wonderful Asian population here, but they are predominantly short, and if they decide to cross the road, as the light changes, in front of a driver who can't see the top of their heads.......
    Much banging and foreign yelling ensues, from both pedestrian and driver.

  6. I can relate to this. My own other half used to be a bit of a speed merchant in his younger days. Health issues have since parted him from his license, so I don't have that to worry about at least. Running or playing the guitar/piano is a good stress-buster for me.