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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They sent us the wrong weather

There must have been a mix up as we received the wrong weather yesterday. It doesn't rain here in June! About 9 o'clock last night, without warning, there was the sound of rain on the roof. 
Sufficiently novel for me to open the front door and look outside, to see if my ears were deceiving me. No, it was real rain, the straight up and down kind that is not too wild, just determinedly headed for the ground. There were a couple of flashes of lightening with well-spaced thunder. I was grateful that my, now-deaf dog, no longer fears what she can't hear. 
The Gibbous moon was crystal bright through some torn-cobweb clouds as the storm cell moved on, after twenty minutes or so.
There must be a whole new generation of furry and feathered creatures who were looking to their mothers for an explanation about wet stuff last night. We normally would have remained dry until October.
The moisture will produce green shoots in a day or two and the young fawns will have an unusual treat amongst the dry golden hills. 
This morning was wonderful. The world is newly washed and the loamy dampness in the air was reminiscent of England. 


  1. Congratulations on what sounds like one of our "short, sharp, thundery" showers. Surely , you must miss the wonderful, grey, drizzly days, which leave everything shrouded in mist, the tall grass very wet underfoot, soaking the bottom of your jeans and the bushes and trees dripping on you as you pass? No, thought not.
    Enjoy the tender new growth while you can.
    Happy summer.

  2. hahahahahahah!... We've nicked your weather!.. Please keep our's for a while!-)

  3. Darn, I can send some back if you want more. Rain here until Friday--off and on, but on enough with possibility of thunderstorms that I have to close of the pasture with the high hill in it so the Boys don't go out there in the storms.

  4. I've never minded the rain. (It's a little inconvenient now that I wear glasses). It's the cold I am no longer fit to face.

  5. When is it the Sana Anna winds start, is that winter? Did I call them the right name?

    I love the sound of rain, but oiy..the grass she grows....

  6. So, if you had been saving for a rainy day, does that mean you got to go shopping ?

  7. @eloh: you must have been stationed in Southern California. Yes, it's the Santa Anna's. They get the blame for the wild fires.
    Owen: I wish

  8. What a gorgeously descriptive piece. We had your weather here this week, but Central Admin noticed the cock-up and replace it with some of the "determinedly headed for the ground" (brilliantly put!) kind.