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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh, the Jet-Set

Hubby is back in "Jet-Setting Artist" mode. His plane tickets are confirmed. He will fly away next Monday, on the pretext, or out of necessity; depending on one's point of view, that he must leave himself plenty of time to prepare for his next Art Show which opens June 20th. in Mende, France.
I concede that it will be a great show; a combined exhibition of watercolours, by hubby, and photographs, by a fabulous landscape photographer J-F Salles; both of whom love the bucolic and unspoiled countryside that is Lozere.

But here's the rub. This is a region where hubby spent a few summers when he was a boy. This photo shows you his cohorts, whom he has rediscovered since we bought and renovated an old cow-barn in the region. These "Bad Boys" rampaged around together when they were all fourteen and fifteen. Not a milkmaid was spared their attentions, from what I have heard, and they are proud and feisty and looking to get into more scrapes I am sure; totally ignoring the fact that sixty years have gone by.
I shall stay here and run our "bread and butter" business, fielding international phone calls about
lost passports and missed planes, as Chaos follows its most faithful disciple to Europe.
My work time is much more efficient when I am alone and not bound to interrupt my train of thought because the Holy hour for eating has come around once again.
I shall arrange to treat myself to horse-riding mid-week, with no recriminations, for who needs to know but me and the horse? I'll hang out with friends, without having to translate for anyone and I will surely have more Blog-time!
Whatever the opposite of Jet-Set might be, it works for me!


  1. Excellent...HERMIT lovely for you, enjoy the peace.

  2. Ay, there's the rub....that "gang" hubby is going to be with....

    Ah, well, with thousands of miles between you, there is not much you can do to keep him on the straight and narrow, so you might as well kick back and have a good old time yourself.

    Sounds like a plan to me.

  3. Hey, wonderful, may just have to mosy on down to Mende at some point to see what's happening... happy trails to you in the meanwhile. :-D

  4. The French Artist would not know "the straight & narrow" from Shinola, if I might be so bold. Love "Chaos' disciple" and the "Holy hour for eating." Are you sure that you are not "turning" American? Have a wonderful, blessed period of peace and tranquility with your horse and your friends.


  5. Enjoy the time to yourself and enjoy the riding!

  6. Whatever exploits he gets up to will be future Blog-Fodder. I just wish he wouldn't call me at 6am to tell me about them.

  7. Owen, go for the opening reception. Guaranteed party and Mende is great. The gallery is in the shadow of the Cathedral. Second party the following day to visit the paintings on canvas at our barn.

  8. Ahhh.... there is something excellent about one's own company... especially when it involves horses!... (that sounds slightly sinister.. but it's meant in the purest possible way!-) have a good-un!

  9. Brilliant, time to yourself.
    Performers of whatever art form take a lot of pampering and attention.
    Then again, there was a time when my particular member of the species was away all the time and I felt he'd even miss my funeral if a "job" came up.

  10. Watercats, anyone on Irish soil is qualified to speak of horses any way he wishes and it shall be assumed to be wisdom. (That, from a Brit, is rare recognition)

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  12. You can be a complete slob whilst he's away.

    Have fun,


  13. I, too, loved the chaos disciple phrase. I think I know a few people like that. hope you have a great time on your todd.

  14. I, for one, shan't breathe a word of your time with the horses. What horses?? I don't even see any horses...
    Wish we could see the youtube version of The Feisty Bad Boys of Lozere. Those milkmaids have probably learned a thing or two:>)