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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two New Fur-Children

Meet Darcy and Boomer, my new Foster-Dogs.
They are as sweet-natured as they look in the photo and will be prettied up by a groomer in a day or two to enhance their marketability and so to get them a great "Forever Home".
Fostering is always sudden. These two sibling collies were scooped up by animal services and taken to the pound when their owner was found dead last week. The owner was not elderly, she had diabetes, but had every expectation of out-living her six-year old Fur-Children. Another volunteer gave up her birthday Sunday to drive for four hours, round trip and get these guys out of dog-jail.
Life has been hectic at our house, creating separate areas so that my older collie-girl not be overwhelmed by this energetic pair and I can't have them falling in the pool and drowning when I'm not there either, so limited access to the back yard and doggie door.
I have been taking six dog-walks a day; three at top speed with my formula one dogs stretched ahead in racing tandem and three of the "slow, sniff and stop" variety with old Diva. The formula one team go into overdrive whenever a squirrel, or even a bird, moves in their field of vision. Big Boomer was eyeing a 747 today as it entered our airspace. Diva would hightail it after helicopters and planes back in the day, so I am used to this.
The first night was rough, with much lonely howling. The new nightly routine has me going down to the guest bedroom with my two charges and I lie and read a book for a half hour to keep them company. Last night I "lost" Boomer. He had crawled under the bed into the frou-frou cave created by the Ralph Loren dust-ruffle. He is huge, so he was on his side, happy and secure. They have both informed me that they would accept invitations to climb on the bed, but they have both respected that I did not want that.
I have some hopes of a good and rapid resolution for these two. Someone I know who had a collie before, has just retired from teaching and was waiting to get another dog. She might take them both, which is what we are trying to achieve. She is out of town this week but we have exchanged emails and she is interested. All our paws are crossed for this lady to fall in love at first sight with Darcy and Boomer. Their pictures are going up on the Collie Rescue web site too, so we keep their options open. I'll let you know what happens.


  1. They really are beautiful dogs, I hope they get a good home together!!

  2. That's a doggone touching tail, even if I'm a bit of wag for saying it... Now how are you going to have time to go riding if you have to do six walks a day ? Hope you're not too pooped after all that ! Those are two very lucky dogs in any case, to have someone take such wonderfully thoughtful care of them in their moment of need...

  3. Good for you, hope they can stay together.

  4. The goal is to keep them together. They have never been apart.
    Between getting hubby off to France, running his part of the business as well as mine and the doggie extra schedules with vets, groomers and such, I know I won't be bored.
    Sleep? Who needs sleep?

  5. They are a great looking pair of dogs and by the look in the picture, they appear lively. What a kind heart you have taking them in. I couldn't foster, as I know I'd want to keep every dog that came through my door.

    I hope your friend does take them both. It would be great to keep them together.

  6. Beautiful dogs. I love the eyeing the 747 comment too. It sort of sums up all there energy and joie de vivre. (Hope I spelled that right.)

    I am praying your friend will adopt both of them as soon as she gets back. That would be even better than a fairytale happily ever after.

  7. Lovely looking dogs! Hope they get a home soon and that you manage to get some sleep!-)

  8. Gorgeous creatures, how sad they have lost their owner.
    You probably know that re-homing dogs is an endless struggle here in the UK; the dog shelters are stuffed, mainly after Christmas when idiot people buy dogs as a present which they afterwards don't want after all.
    All my dogs were rescued.
    Good look with your charges.

  9. In light of this story and your evident care for canines, it occurred to me you might like to take a look at this blog if you haven't come across it before, Jilly does really good work with dogs in the south of France, and blogs about it here :

    And she also has another dog blog at :

    Not to mention her Menton Daily Photo blog which you can find links to on the above... she's a serious blogger ! And great dog stories and photos...
    Best wishes,