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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tragic School

Hee, Hee! The Artistic One is booked in for eight hours of what he calls "Tragic School". What's tragic is that, no matter how many times he goes, it does not improve his attitude towards the rules of the road.
For me, it means a Saturday free of the obligation of cooking lunch and with only limited translation duties, as "TAO" must invariably call home a couple of times before finding his destination.
"TAO" usually makes new friends at traffic school as there is a high likelihood of encountering other French scofflaws.


  1. Tragic school? I'm thinking of Mrs Puff from Spongebob. Am I close?

  2. what is Tragic School?
    Is it the place they send you to when you've been naughty on the road?
    As well as making you pay a fine?
    Not that I know it from personal experience, mind, well, just a bit, maybe.

  3. Not again!! How many times to they let him take the course to make up for his transgressions??

    Well, at least it sets you free on a Saturday. Maybe you can use the time to get some riding in.

  4. Steve, I have heard of Spongebob but I don't know Mrs Puff. I apologize for the gap in my cultural education.

    Friko, It's "Traffic School" really, where delinquent drivers are allowed to follow a lecture-course to, supposedly, refresh their memories and improve their behavior on the roads. This prevents a point going on the driving record. Drivers only qualify once every eighteen months. My husband goes regularly, every eighteen months.

  5. Jean, every eighteen months, like clockwork! One day the DMV computer is just going to spit him back out and burst into guffaws of laughter, followed by the crisp sound of handcuffs closing. Now that would be a vacation, for me.

  6. If he were African-American in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, instead of French, he would have been consigned to San Quentin with his artistic kindred spirit under the "3 Strikes" law––not to mention, duh..., have a suspended license. Tragic school... That guy was born under a good sign and has an exceedingly good manager.

    I do hope that you have a fat notebook of incident reports of your own jotted down for future reference because with your writing talent, mastery of the art of understatement, and twisted sense of humor, you could beat that legend into a tidy monthly royalty... Peter Mayle in reverse, Peter Mayle hide and watch!

  7. The last time I attended Tragic School was right before Christmas last year. Supposedly there was a sign saying no left turn at a big busy corner and there were two policemen out of their cars directing all the people over who made the then illegal left turn. It was in the next county and not in the county we live. But I was not taking it quietly. The policeman kept telling me to get back into my car and I told him to show me where the sign was and why were all these cars continuing to to turn left. We are talking hundreds of cars, continuing to turn left and being pulled into a huge parking lot and given tickets as fast as they could write them. So I had to go to Tragic School. Big sigh.

  8. Ms Pliers, His license is not suspended but it is LOST!

    TechnoBabe, I love that you had the gumption and the naivete to think you could reason with them.

  9. Dutch husband , seeing the poster , thinks it all looks quite jolly and wonders if there's one for cycling misdemeanours .

  10. S&S, maybe there's a "Niche Market" that is just waiting for him to start a business?