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Friday, September 17, 2010

Diva's Legacy

A major part of the stress, since we found out we must relocate our business, has been the struggle to find an appropriate space. Along with decisions about size, location, zoning etc. there were the questions "How the heck can we afford it?" and "Who will lease a building to a small (financially speaking) outfit like ours with some less than stellar balance sheets?"
We've had some advantages working on our side; our current landlords own a lot of commercial real estate and were trying to find one that fit. Unfortunately the ones that would have worked were also for sale and the prospect of moving again at short notice is out of the question.
Another major player in the local market is a long-time client, for whom we had imported several containers of antique roof-tiles from Provence. (They look lovely on the roof of his home in Woodside).
The working relationship that we had built with this man over several years, and the files that I never discard, had me locating his cell phone number and calling after 5pm on the Friday get-away day before the big Labor Day weekend. He got right on the phone to one of his agents and the agent turned around and came back to show us properties. It turns out that the now-Agent was the supervisor of the construction project a few years ago so we had met before.
Kevin has been enthusiastically pursuing our goals with us. A couple of "maybes" didn't work as costs to upgrade electrical and such were enormous. He started thinking outside the box and took us to someone else's building that has great access for clients, as well as trucks with containers to unload. 10,000 square feet with freeway visibility on one side and a Porsche dealer just down the street on the other. The owner is asking a very reasonable price; there's a tremendous amount of empty commercial real estate around and it's increasing every day.
Yesterday we handed over a letter of intent with a very complete package of references and financial reports (with explanations regarding our creativity in that regard). This was our do or die moment as time is running out. We have been tensely anticipating the response call ever since.
Kevin called a little while ago and asked if I remembered "S". It turns out that the Agent for the other side lived across the street from us until we moved two years ago. We met regularly when out with our dogs. His wiggly, funny, Springer-doodle mix was afraid until my Diva showed her how dogs are supposed to behave and I taught him how to teach his pup to sit.
As I told my daughter on the phone earlier, the news is good. They don't even care to check our references. We are in business! I mentioned that I thought Diva had a lot to do with it.
"That and a few other things" replied my lovely daughter, who is working for another Diva connection and his dog Casey.


  1. I do love your writing! I know why I am struggling to meet the ends - I have no dog! Miss having one :(

  2. Networking has its rewards. And you obviously have earned a stellar reputation just by being yourself. What a relief to find a suitable place and now you can begin the move. Very good news.

  3. Congratulations. BTW Any room for an old railcar or 3? ;)

  4. That's fabulous news ! Can I maybe store some abandoned cars there while waiting to find a dream house to park them at ?

    Bon courage pour le demenagement...

  5. What a gift has given you! Proof that love is eternal. I am quite convinced that her influence is exactly what has given you a new "home" for your business.

  6. Wiola, I miss my dog too. But you have horses on a daily basis. You're way ahead of me.

    TechnoBabe, Having a network makes anything possible.

    Silliyak, Thanks. Would you consider this far south? Email me if you want some info on a space that might be good for you.

    Owen, are you here or there? We don't do "abandoned". Can we call them "reclaimed?"

  7. That's brilliant news... sometimes it's not what you know but who you know!

  8. So glad you've sorted it out!!!

  9. Jean, life is a strange circular dance. I'm not sure everyone realizes what a social entree a dog can be. Of course you have to say "Hello" to the people you encounter to get the process started. (At least we don't have to sniff each others' rear ends)

    Steve, a network is a powerful tool as long as it is understood that it works coming and going.

    Di, All that remains now are the logistics...OMG!

  10. Hi English - it's been a nasty few days but i'm back on line with the same old blog - glad to hear that things are on the up for you

  11. Pixie, I'm dying to know the back-story. BTW, your brilliant idea for the poetry bus challenge sure pushed Eejit to a creative place.

  12. Terrific news, ER. And I'm pretty sure Technobabe's second sentence pretty much says its all.
    You seem to be one who never throws away anything that might come in useful, including connections. Good luck with the next part...

  13. Deborah, I often connect two people who can be of use/help to one another. All you have to do is listen to what people are saying and the links pop into mind all by themselves. Maybe in another life I would have been a matchmaker.

  14. You've earned this ! Congratulations , it must be so good to know you've got the right spot to go to .
    Good luck with the moving . Plenty of hearty snacks will be required .
    P.S. your daughter was right !

  15. S&S, You captured a lot of enthusiasm in those few sentences. I think I'm going to borrow some of yours for a while. Thanks.