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Friday, December 3, 2010

SNOW! Boarding at the Beach

I suppose I shouldn't complain about the chilly weather we've been having here in California. I checked in with my home region of Cornwall in England and found this video. Watch what happens as the snow boarders get to the bottom of the "hill".


  1. The winter before I moved out here, we had a similar winter and I managed to X country ski along the sand and down to the pub. I got a few funny looks, but then again, I always do. It must be the two heads that does it

  2. I'm hoping they simply turned around on the shore, I couldn't really tell. I'd hate to think they ended up in the surf!
    It's finally stopped snowing here and temperatures are supposed to rise to 7°C, which means snow melt, if there is rain as well. It's been fun to have the snow for a week, but this part of France is so very ill-prepared for the white stuff, I'd much rather pass on more!
    I hope you're getting lots of 'me' time. :)
    Warm regards, Kitty

  3. Legend, I knew lots of two headed people when I was growing up:)

    Kitty, Your weather trumped my "Me" time. Hubby has cut short his trip and will be back tomorrow. He never succeeded in getting to our place in the Massif Central.

  4. I hope they turned before they hit the looks cold!!

    My blogger friend in Britain seem to be under feet of snow rather than inches. It's not even winter yet--officially, at least.

    "Chilly" can occasionally be a nice break from warm and sunny, provided you have the clothes and heating system to deal with it. The trouble is when you are not set up to deal with the cold and you are not acclimated to it. the interest of my generous New Jersey nature...I am wishing you warm sunshine and better days. Honest! *G*

  5. Jean, what a good sport you are! FYI the Gulf Stream caresses the South West coast of England right about there, maintaining a micro climate that is very mild. The Sea is never as cold as it is in Northern California. Biggest scam going is that Sun & Sand image of N.Cal.

    Steve, I'm sure you meant that in a good way:)

  6. Wow...Nutters indeed! No snow here although it has gotten into the 40's at night and been quite chilly and windy during the day, despite the sun. I've discovered my coat isn't warm enough, so I'm looking for another although light coats are all the shops sell here since most of the year is sweltering.

    I've drunk record amounts of hot chocolate and Earl Grey and have found that this flat is quite drafty.

    I wish everyone warmer days and nights!

  7. I think that's pretty cool that they could practice snow-boarding and surfing on the same run !

    Sorry to hear your "me" time is cut short by weather in France... jeez, couldn't he have left the car somewhere and hired a donkey ???