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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a bit of everything

I have a lot of plants in pots to brighten areas where there is more concrete than I can bear. These three, in front of our garage, overlap shamelessly and make me guess where to aim the hose for watering purposes.
The nasturtiums re-seeded themselves from last year. The black petunias were an inspiration for Halloween 2009 and I love their pansy-velvet richness. Yellow columbine are a bit wishy-washy compared to other color combinations in other spots but, of course, the one I like least grows the best. The pink flowers are ivy geraniums, grown from a friend's cutting and since shared with others. There are some frilly purple and white iris in the middle and strong pointed leaves promising the next batch of powder and darker blues.
What is hidden in the middle of one pot is a slender stalk that is the first sign of dahlias to come. We'll have to wait and see what color they turn out to be.


  1. A Spring wonderful! I can't seem to grow much beyond cacti these days. It was 92 degrees today---entirely too hot!

  2. I love nasturtiums, they bring back lots of memories.

  3. A beautiful patchwork of colour and promise of lots more to come . Your pots are a triumph !

  4. A reminder that Nature herself paints with the best palette...

  5. I love that, ER. I am going to plant up some pots of Capucines just as soon as I get some potting soil. They remind me so much of California, and I'd forgotten about them until your picture, thank you xx

    Bisouxxx from Kitty

  6. It looks colorful and cheerful. I like pots, they are versatile. We have planted some flower seeds in a few pots here and have our fingers crossed.

  7. e, the nasturtiums will fade away as soon as we get consistently hot weather. It's been a good year for them so far.

    Siliyak, Me too. They are a cheerful and robust weed that allows itself to be domesticated.

    S&S, I feel as though I can envision the future when I see something new sprouting.

    Steve, Yep! These are all "come-back" plants, no major intervention required other than fertilizer and water.

    Kitty, Nasturtiums and forget-me-nots just keep re-seeding themselves and multiplying year to year.

    TechnoBabe, I drag them around to keep the best ones in sight and to follow the sun or shade requirements as the Earth turns.

  8. I can never get over the plants which grow in April in countries such as yours. Very pretty, surely, but what's to come?

    But then, if they're 'free' anyway, who's to complain. I've got to go and buy mine unless I grow them from seed; the extraordinary winter has killed off everything, even stuff supposed to be 'hardy'.

  9. Hello:
    Having never ridden a pony, mucked out a horse or even bet on a thoroughbred, we are not exactly sure why we are here. But, your posts have amused us greatly and offer such variety and quirky insights into life with all its absurdities.

    Your planted pots are certainly colourful, although we have never thought that pink and yellow make the happiest of combinations. 'Green is a colour' has always been our mantra for outdoors, but perhaps it is time for a change?

    We are Followers!

  10. Ah Friko, We'll have gladioli and canna lillies; they are already apparent as 2ft tall green leaves. Dahlias are my mid-summer spectacle and then Hawaiian Ginger will perfume my surroundings until Christmas, or later.
    My potted gardens almost all began as little 4" six packs from the nursery. I overcrowd my pots and they need dividing and separating each year. I do that in October and put daffodils underneath. I have to give away plants or keep buying pots to move them into and I am trying to reduce not expand. I moved 5 pots to our warehouse parking lot recently. Somewhat of a "Tail wagging the dog" situation now, really.

  11. Jane and Lance, Welcome! and thank you for your kind remarks. I've been lagging a bit lately and your comments are encouraging.There are no color clashes in nature. I have, however, discovered the value of white flowers to add contrast. There is a white geranium somewhere under the rest. It will reappear once the nasturtiums die back.

  12. Beautiful flowers, even if you've mixed and matched. As noted, colors never seem to clash in nature.

    Here, I have to "nurtured" blooms. But I am still pleasantly treated to the scent of magnolias, lilacs, and apple blossoms when I go out. Just the perfect light fragrance in the air.

  13. Beautiful flowers planted by an even more beautiful rose...

  14. Jean, I'm jealous of your lilacs. They last about five minutes before they fry here.

    Jimmy, Thank you kind Sir. I can't reciprocate comments with you but I do still read your compelling tales of the human condition.

  15. I don't know how you found me but I am so glad you did; and that you took the trouble to leave a comment on my blog.

    I shall spend some time reading your posts to find out more about you and your own particular Frenchman.

  16. Hi Moannie, I've been following, and enjoying,your blog for a while.
    Welcome to my place:)