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Thursday, June 4, 2009

One of my favourite things

My good humor has reinstated itself, with a little help from a husband who is back down to normal levels of grumpiness, bright blue Jacaranda trees popping into flower and pasture ornaments like Bambi here, who let me sit in my car and watch for a while in between client meetings. You can't see it, but her little soft cheeks were all bumped out like a hamster. She was enjoying her breakfast and didn't interrupt her snack because I was there.


  1. Pretty picture. Watching animals in the wild is one of the nicest ways to relax and enjoy a day. It makes life seem so simple and quiet.

  2. I have just finished a very different post of my own and popped over to your blog. Are we not in wholly different time zones?

    Enjoy Bambi and your peaceful attitude of mind which lets you stop and watch the deer.

  3. I love watching wild life. Four Duplexes going up next to me, so my days of having 12 to 15 deer in the yard are probably over.

  4. Fantastic photo - its great when you get these little moments

  5. One of my favorite (note the American spelling) things is getting up in the morning and finding that E.R. has a new post up, no matter how short and sweet. (sweet, not sacharine)

    Glimpses of animals outside of zoo cages are a pleasure. Almost every night driving home (usually after midnight) there are bucks and does along the road through the forest I take. Last night a huge wild boar running by the roadside startled me... one big pig.

    Good those big ears she has...

    Now I'm off to go puff my cheeks out with breakfast... have a fine weekend...

    PS gosh, when is la Fram coming back to blogland? I miss her...

  6. There is something that really does drag a soul back to life when you watch an animal and it accepts your presence... :-)

  7. Gorgeous photo. So peaceful. In fact, now that I'm thinking, have the dear Bambi enlarged into a cardboard stand-up and keep her in your home for times of increased grumpiness. I'd like one to sit across the dinner table from me...:>)

  8. Owen, new name "Whiny Toad" La Fram will be back any day now to dry your tears.
    Magpie, I should stop harping on His- Grumpiness but it stands out in smiling California. Brusque is a more dignified description, and he did have a tummy ache which had pushed him over the edge. If I had a cardboard Bambi I might whack someone over the head with it from time to time.

  9. Hi ER, I promise to stop "whining"...:-D

    As I just saw she's back ! So : .......


    PS now I can get back to my usual Friday night occupation, which is... "wining", hmm, bourgogne ? bordeaux ? cotes du rhone ? alsace ?

  10. A lovely picture, wish we had nice things like that near here.